Beacon as bridge, without plots has being changed

hey there, we got a settlement on Gellis around the portal hub, and anyhow now some other guy with a loong road named his beacon like my beacon, and since this weid things happens:

My beacon is now seen as a bridge beacon, wheres its not the case, im not connecting 2 settlements.
i did not changed my beacon and it starts to act like a bridge beacon, just because some other guy named it like that?

i changed the name, problem still exists.

i dont know if the other person did this intenionally to name his beacon like mine because he know about this bug?
its my beacon in Gellis around the PortalHub. (AnniXa)
anyway that settlement that used to be the capitol have now lost alot prestige because my beacon is not part of it anymore, and it contains the town internal infastructure and a building of me

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Seems like there may be something else happening here. I remember a post that somebody linked to a larger settlement with a road that got absorbed by the larger settlement. The linking road first took on the larger settlements name, then got calculated and classified as a “bridge” between two settlements when the person backed their road off, and it broke both settlements as a result. That sounds like what may have occurred here.

Regardless, it’s unlikely this was done intentionally or maliciously.

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Mine did this today, because I had my home with 49k prestige and a 79k prestige city hub with paths. Someone’s settlement on the edge became quite large and caused the 79k city hub to be treated as a bridge. So now I’m moving my storeage and machines and turning my old home into a massive shop.

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ok thats strange, maybe there is perfomed a string compare to check something with the plots?
at least for me naming of plots should have no affect on the calculations at all.

and ye i dont think it was intentionally so far, just was asking around.