Beacon Changes

Ah YES i suspected that the MALL and structured city ploting from the new update would be an issue. This is has become apart of boundless organized groups with in a sandbox. I can think of a few ways to fix the new reserve plots system, to accommodate this. thanks MajorVEX for the screenshots of detailing out this issue.
I think when removing plots, the reserved status should goto who removed the plot. a holder beacon should not beable to claim plots upto another reserve plot and over take the claim on the reserve status.

Also reserve plots should be setable in terms of turning off certain parts as in MajorVEXs MALL so parts do not get reserve. also to addin reserve plot authorized to let players now do a control change over of plot claims with one dropping plots, then authorizing that player on that beacon to be able to claim reserved, thus allowing that other player to beacon on a reserved.

Again need to have reserved plot setting options features. would be like plot zoning data.

if anything this should get address soon, or the current cities and malls will suffer and get ruined for prolonged period of time.

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The devs pushed it through because they get too many support questions about people blocking each other, etc.

They should just have made it off by default so it wouldn’t cause issues with beacons that belong to players that can’t be reached because they aren’t active anymore…

I do hope we now will get easy beacon transfer out of this tho! Preferably in a way that not both accounts have to be there at the same time (ie. alts)…


Agreed… I just haven’t seen enough of a good solution to the trolling and plot blackmail and other situations that will be supported more by the transfer option. It seems like each decision is causing more yucky decisions.

Plus I think the beacon transfer ultimately will need a “plot” only transfer now that we have buffers. We have to be honest that the only reason the buffer zone came into play was for two things:

  1. people could not control the settlement they joined
  2. people plotting right up beside a person

We could have solved some of this in other ways.

Wow, hahaha, I just thought of something funny!

The tutorial is actually asking new players to join a settlement which is impossible now! :joy:


Like Aenea just stated, the game is forcing these ‘butting up’ issues in the first place because although it’s a sandbox game some of these objectives are followed to the T by new players who aren’t used to sandbox games and need that hand-holding via quests/objectives/.whatever you want to call them. Nevermind the mall/city issues that are agreed upon by all.

A lot of these issues aren’t an issue of people intentionally being mean. They’re just doing what the game says.

And as far as not seeing enough good about why beacon transfers would be a good idea, as far as I am concerned there is one reason out of the gate that should have been the sole reason for implementing beacon transfer and that is the ability to sale houses/offices/warehouses/factories/art installations.

Why is that one singular reason not good enough to implement this feature?

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If there are issues please report them to me.

We made these changes for the good of all players. Clearly there will be knock-one. But we’re here to help correct them.


James, I think every mall, and eeek… should I dare say it, co-op is basically ruined now.

Time to reinvent the wheel.
Edited to add… I can see however in city planning this could be good when a player leaves… beacon camping will get better.


Um, it’s not working well at all…



I fail to see how it benefits the community as a whole.


Lotta issues with this buffer deal.

  1. Whats to stop a player from four plotting in a checkerboard pattern to take over huge spaces?
  2. Im a property recycler if a beacon goes out I claim it clear it out and either save the build or regen it. If the neighbor has claim to it and say hes in a city next to another neighbor whos also inactive and no one can beacon it you now have a hole and another inactive besides the hole that no one can claim. I can still get the loot out but that property just sits.
    3.Ive been refueling an inactive players beacons for months I grab what I have plots for (this person had a lot) Now if I go to try to claim the beacon after it smokes it might go to another so basically I will have to forever keep fueling it to keep the city whole.
    4, Malls are done now with this.I feel for Major Vex she works really hard above and beyond to keep the Gyosha mall together and running well.

I have mentioned this before and will say it again a in Game GM coulda handled this rather than introducing game mechanics that every gamer thats been gaming for any period of time knows can be in some way exploited or worse. James sorry but you should be overseeing the game not policing let an intern or someone ingame problem solve with territorial issues its probably cheaper then paying a coder anyway .lol.

While this was a novel try at trying to circumvent territorial issues it actually creates a much worse situation in my opinion.





Perhaps beacon transfer could solve some of the issues here

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We just have to create new malls where the shops are either 1x4 and have road on two vis-à-vis roads ends (like Gyosha but Gyosha is 1x6) or 2x2 fully surrounded with roads (like Nova Golda). Then, the roads must never be replotted.

I know, not very helpful, but I think the problem looks bigger because the reserved plot solution doesn’t match the malls we have at the moment.

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So the game has decided to control & restrict things and everything will end up looking the same, in order to fit within their new restrictions.

“Create new malls”. So destroy people’s hard work, time, and money in order to possibly please a few. Hmm. I have heard this before and no one liked the idea of destroying other people’s work.

Yes, I’m a little bit @!&$! at all of this. It’s the game’s fault, not yours, not mine.


If the buffer would be 3 plots, instead of 2, Gyosha mall would be fine.

Nope bc when people unplot…bye bye plots. Your neighbor gets them. It’s not just Gyosha Mall.
James tried to help us figure things out today. There was no solution.

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The road should be the oldest beacon and therefore get them.

That didn’t matter. It didn’t fix anything. New residents are constantly moving in. People are constantly trading and changing their spaces. Were. They no longer can.
My little walkways aren’t the majority of the mall and idc about control or prestige or what I get. The fun came from everyone in the community shopping, selling, building, etc together. That was taken away.


In my book, This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that this function needs to be removed. If a dev can’t even figure out how to fix the problem created by what I considered to be a questionable function at best.


He ended up manually editing some stuff for us. We tried everything. Nothing worked. We would literally have to PM him everytime someone wanted to move, trade, etc.