Beacon/City/Guild buff that keeps mobs away

I don’t know how it would be applied, but if there were a force shield of protection of some sort that could be activated to keep mobs away - that would be awesome


doesn’t plotting take care of that ?

Stuff still comes inside and keeels you or shoots you :slightly_frowning_face:

my ideal solution would be an NPC with a slingbow, but I suppose that a guild buff could work: lvl1 that simply doesn’t allow mobs to enter inside plots, lvl2 that works on all reserved plots, and lvl3 that includes plot buffer

For a single residence that would be ideal.

I would like one that would protect all of the connected plots/beacons in a city :grin:

or a scarecrow with an area effect. players can have area effects that change mob behaviour, so this shouldn’t be too difficult

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Turrets would be AWESOME!!


Come visit Midguard we have no creature spawns, cuttletrunks included :wink:

Seriously though, my wife and I built the city an exact hight above the surface, you can’t die (if at standard full health) if you fall off, mobs don’t fly at that height, and I’ve yet to see a mob get past either rainbow bridge. But mobs were exactly why we built this way, originally we were going to build underground for the same reason, but that quickly turned into too much work. So I am all for a way to keep mobs out easier.

I would also like to plug the age old suggestion on top, and that is a way to make beaconed space provide protection from a hostile atmosphere. Guild machine could be perfect for this, I know I personally would keep that machine running every week myself lol.

Come to Baby Cookies Home no Monster Spawns Mwahahahaha I live on houches


This is why I live on a T1.

Not that I can’t handle the mobs. I just enjoy the peace and quiet.


wide area and tall walls does the trick and make sure you plot to the tops of the trees they can spawn on top of the trees in your base.

In theory yes but the reality is the worlds are fairly abandoned now. When I first started and was exploring I got attacked and killed in quite a few cities because mobs had wandered into them and no one was around to kill them.

Clop clop I too love Clop clop clop clop clop bah… the peace clop clop clop clop bah… and quiet of a T1 Clop clop bah planet

On another note this is why i bulldoze the heck out of the area i live in. no more natural territory no more natural mobs :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in the middle of the ocean, and down at altitude 5, so no ‘clop clop’ either.

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I have thought about this a lot and was going to bump another thread about it. It can be annoying to constantly defend your home. I would like to see a paint can option that works like a pesticide so that any beaconed block painted with this “bug spray” would repel mobs.

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Let’s add a no snow guild buff too.

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We live in a dome, I find my self trying to drag mobs inside for fun!

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