Beacon coin?

Please for the love of the community, Explain this beacon coin lack thereof. This is going to mess up the economy. Do you know how many big players left this game because of lack of information on forging? I don’t think the new method is all entirely bad. It’s just people like moonies seem to use the old method which gives you quirks and many don’t feel once you mastered this this should be a end game piece of equipment .This is unnessary. My issue is not this here though. It’s James post on transparency and how important it is but we as a community seem to have a difficult time getting the “how to and what’s going on” for this game. A lot of us talk about it. Heck, ALOT of people know it. I don’t want freesbies or handouts. I don’t want it easy… but I do want a consistent clear view of what’s changing a good length of time in advance, what exactly (in detail) will be implemented so I can recognize a glitch when I see one. My team will have to shut down portals soon if the coin goes about like this another 3 days. We have a self fueling system which the coin buys back the shards. This allows us to give back to the community. So please, what is intended to happen with the coin and guilds cap?

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