Footfall status after Release 211

Is footfall broken? I figured it would reset after 24 hrs, but still none. Anyone else?

Just got fixed 3hrs ago. So you may not have had any new visitors yet

I’ll keep checking, but honestly, my shop is pretty busy. :money_mouth_face:

I have recieved footfall, though very small compared to before update.


There is possibly another issue. We will continue to investigate.


for me footfalls runs ok.

not sure if this is the cause of my build being a complete mess or not.


That means your beacon is not in a settlement, footfall requires 10K prestige and to be in a settlement. You have a high prestige, which means your beacon must be in the “bridging multiple settlements” state.


Footfall seems to be working for me… 40c for new visitors, 28c for repeats sound about right?

I am currently getting 1coin per visitor. It is not working.

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Its working for some… as above, might be settlement plot issues on yours.

Not trying to argue with you, just explaining so devs can see the full picture and help with whatever the problem youre seeing is.

In saying that… I did actually collect from one beacon about an hour ago that had about 1200c in it, then when i looked again 10 seconds later it still had 1c in it. I was the only one there. Maybe its counting our own visits at 1c?

I’m also only getting 1c per visitor. I left reporting until now so I could be around to see what happens when I see a new visitor. A player I haven’t seen before came by and before that I had 288c in the coin box. After they had been and gone, there was 289c in the coin box.


I’ve been working with @lucadeltodecso with the same issue. Maybe it would help him to see other beacons with the same problem.


The bug has been found, and will be in the next hot-fix update.

The bug actually manifested to mean that if the owner had visited the beacon on average within the last 30 minutes (sometimes more sometimes less) then they would get only 1 coin per visitor for the next 30 minutes or so (sometimes up to an hour sometimes less) until it went back to normal with the higher coin per visitor.


So, “a watched beacon never generates footfall”? :laughing:


Buh dum, tss…

Do we know when the hot fix is? And does that mean I can only go to my shop once per hour?

Likely around lunch time GMT


Thanks for your help! :nerd_face::+1: