Footfall status after Release 211

So moving forward watched beacons generate less footfall…? Is this intended…? I know 1c probably isn’t, but that’s the general idea?

Same as what I am experiencing and already mentioned in another thread

as I stated its a bug, and will be in the next hot-fix.


My beacon is in my basement where the workshop is also located, I run past it every single time I go do something! And you probably mean visited the plots of the beacon, there are 3k on it, am sure I keep running over it like 1000 times a day!

Explains a heck of a lot. Tho I imagine the lost footfall is actually lost and you can’t retroactively hand it out still since you might not have records of it?

Whenever the devs talk about visited a beacon they probably mean run over a plot of that beacon, so your home beacon is never generating much footfall 8n that scenario.

Or I might be mistaken, but I assumed that is what he meant

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Lucky for you it’s your shop, for me it’s my home beacon, lol

cant retrospectively figure out how much footfall “would have been awarded” no.

There was actually a further bug that would be causing some beacons on live to be getting “too much” footfall too (wont go into details until the fix is pushed).

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I’m in the same boat. My shop is my home beacon and workshop. I hope sales pick up otherwise I’m in for a life of poverty lol.

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Lol, ok, well that is not what is happening with me for sure since I have way less footfall than before the patch, even on another beacon where I do get more than on my home beacon but I assume that is because I visit that less often!

I have been getting 1000c per visitor maybe something is wrong.Lies

So you’re one of the lucky ones that’s getting too much footfall. Checked my shop/base that I have (portals from kindred bay, aqua, n dbx hub) after I woke up and had 0 footfall.

Nah it was all a lie, lol I even said so in the post.

Makes me wonder if I should take my beacon out from the inside of my base and put it away from my base but on my “property” I pass it as I go in and out and that is several times a day. I go to my shop several times a day as I am generally looking for things in the mall. The last two days have been there a Lot looking for coils, gems and such to make my own, to sell items so I can afford to buy the coils.
This is a mess, I hope they get this fixed soon.

That will not make any difference.

You are talking about your ‘beacon controller’, which is the thing we plop down to reserve a plot.

The ‘beacon’ is the plot the ‘beacon controller’ is in; plus any additional plots you add to it.

So a ‘beacon’ can be many plots.

Edit: Just realised this may sound a little short, so to speak, not my intention.

Hope it helps clear up what the terms mean.

Are you having issues too, Janna? Hopefully tomorrow. :+1:

“your beacon” is basically every single plot assigned to that beacon.

“my beacon” is a 3000+ plot area, so kinda hard to not run over one of it’s plots :slight_smile:

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Good deal, so it’s all just a bug :slight_smile: wouldn’t make much sense to punish people for being home a lot by reducing their footfall lol. Some people practically live at their home.

My home is my shop. Also the community hub. Footfall has definitely decreased for me since the update and we are a small town on Sorissi called Bramble Land. Only 4 people currently.

Yea all my beacons that used to get roughly 1-2k a day barley got 200. And one that would get closer to 3k got 900, and that one I just checked for the first time since the update. Never stepped on it till a few minutes ago.

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Similar situation for me. Footfall is really my only source of income at this point so I hope this gets addressed.