Unique visitors and footfall drop-off

I would like to know what is counted as ‘a visit’.

Say I have 2 beacons, beacon 1 is surrounding beacon 2 completely, a player steps unto beacon 1’s plots, it’s counted as a visit for beacon 1. Then steps on beacon 2’s plots, it’s counted as a visit for beacon 2.

That makes total sense, so far.

But what if the player walk straight ahead and then, again, steps on plots of beacon 1.

Is that ANOTHER visit? or is it still counted as the same visit?

I know that even if it is counted as another visit that it would not give any footfall since this player won’t give any more footfall until 24 hours have passed.


IF it IS counted as another visit AND this visit count is used to determine the drop-off for other player visits then that is where the problem might be…

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