Beacon Compactness

Hey There.
I need your help. I have a Beacon with 99 Compactness. I don’t know why. My plots are 10x18 and 5 high.

But why i habe only 99 compactness ?

hello! :wave: the plot reserve buffer plays a role too in your compactness.
also, 99 is good!

I’m at 38 and still good


Yeh as Host said, 99 is good. It goes down the worse it gets. So beacon compactness 1 is ‘bad’ :+1:

I’ve just finished plotting a large area, and it got lower the thinner the beaconed area got, before i filled it in and then it went back up when it got thicker


Luckkkkyyyyy I’m at like 28 Compactness still average dough


To note 0 is basically still good. You just can’t expand until you restore your compactness.

That said…

If for example someone is plotting next to you (plots touch) and your “neighbors” beacon where to go when your’s is at 0 compactness, there is a chance your beacon will go in to the negative compactness and fall out of settlement. Also can then possibly be removed because it’s in the negative compactness.
You can’t plot your self into negative compactness as once you reach 0 you can’t plot until you bring up your compactness.

As @HOST mentioned your plot reservation (build view 1 [plot map] the dotted lines are your reserved plots) plays a role in the plotting process.

Always spreading out like a “gem” from 1 plot.

:white_large_square::white_large_square::red_square::white_large_square::white_large_square: Red = plot reservation
:white_large_square::red_square::red_square::red_square::white_large_square: Green = your plotted plot.

At a certain size compactness starts going down because your reserved plots exceed your actual plotted plots as in like having double the terrain in reserved plots. To get it back up you will have to “fatten” your claim.

Also to point out it isn’t recommended to go 0 at compactness, simply because things happen in game “neighbors” come and go.
If you expended in the meantime (to low compactness) once a beacon goes it could set your beacon into negative compactness and it can be troublesome to fix it back to compactness.

But hey :wink: 99 compactness is better then most ove us as @HOST, @Ovis and @BabyCookie have pointed out :grin:

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Fun Fact: If you have a sovereign and build on one, you can turn the beacon compactness off.


This sounds like it’s ripe (if difficult) for trolls to use in griefing.

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So what you’re trying to say is something that we’ve all suspected since the beginning …

Boundless likes 'em THICC!


Boundless aint wrong :sunglasses:

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“If difficult” :grin: especially if a troll doesn’t know if you beacon hits 0 :grin:

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