Beacon expired, still in the settlement list, cant remove it

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I quit a few months after launch and left my plots without fuel. I returned and decided to make a new settlement. I have old beacons in my list but they are “expired” and i cannot remove them from the list. The beacons themselves do not actually exist in the world. I placed a new beacon and died shortly after, now im stuck in the sanctum because it needs 1700c to teleport to the new beacon. The other beacon is on a European world and …doesnt even exist. I cant change the new beacon to a master because I cant get to it. Im going to keep trying. Maybe i can find my way there through some portals, but I still cant remove the old expired beacons. Im pretty sure this shouldnt be happening and this is quite frustrating. I dont have Gleam Club. I dont think i ever have? I could be wrong… I havent played since the first two or 3 months after launch day.

After I realized I could afford the amount required to teleport, I reallocated skill points to max out my teleport distance. It still didnt allow me through. I read the message on screen an felt a bit silly, but it said “Illegal Protocol Message” Im assuming this is a bug and that i should have been able to teleport this time. I relaunched my client and my skills were not set to warp distant like they were supposedly just changed to. They had reverted. I changed them again and still get the same error.

EDIT: I have removed the old beacons from my list and returned to my new settlement on foot. I teleported to it from the sanctum successfully after setting it as my home point. Im not sure why or how i got the error but it isnt happening now.

When you said you were unable to remove expired beacons around that time, did the option at the bottom not appear at all as shown in the screenshot below?


Ah, to be completely honest, I dont think i noticed it because it was so small. I have removed it.

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