Beacon Fuel GC

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Just Like we can add Fuel to someone else’s sov. Planet can there be a way to add gleamclub to someone’s beacon


I am 110% on board with this idea

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uh yeah i would like that. that would it make possible to safe builds

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The DEV’s know about that already.
I also told them a while ago it was a good idea that we should be able to right mouse click on any portal to donate shards directly into it.
That way players can keep their favorite portals active too.


One of my least favorite parts of the game was he time when things were declining and SO MANY good spots were filled by dead builds, that had been “rescued” because someone didn’t want the game to “seem empty”.

Please don’t go around “saving” random builds that you don’t have a use for. It’s not a personal comment, just general advice.


you cant safe any builds atm as far as i know.

You can get guild perms on the beacon.
You can get friend perms on the beacon.

I mean honestly if this is the case you can fuel them and are presumably involved so that’s not the same as ‘saving’ random stuff.

With auto-reclaim you can’t really save other people’s random builds like you used to, and that’s a good thing. In my opinion.


Can’t you technically do this? I am not sure how DKMall was done, but I do know all of it’s beacons were fueled by someone for like 2 years or more.

I also agree with @Nightstar … as much as I was trying to save builds, it’s just better to let them die and move on and let the next builder have their chance.


I’m pretty sure this is a matter of just paying for gleam club. I’m playing without it now and it seems the most fuel I can get into a beacon is 16 weeks.


My first guild leader, I had friend perms on his beacon. I kept it fueled for 3 months after he left, hoping he’d come back. After that, I cleaned it out, taking everything. Turned it into a farm for the rest of the fuel time.
It got reported by another player in which I had a personal visit from James asking where the stuff had gone and that I had betrayed the owners trust. He removed my permissions and let the beacon expire, while saying he was going to contact the beacon owner.
Never heard back on that…

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Oh I miss the days of exploring a planet in the hopes of finding a treasure trove of goodies just waiting to be scooped up when a beacon would fall. The days of having an alt positioned on a smoking beacon just waiting to snipe it when it would fall.


What kinda saddens me is that I see suggestions being posted here and there, and my first thought is “why do you bother writting these?” because at this point, it’s pretty much just for the thought experiment.
IMHO, the only valid suggestion you can currently make is “release the weapons/shields/skills of update 249”, and that’s apparently already asking for too much.


It’s a post that sends a Msg to the Devs that there are still us dedicated and very few that are playing this game and enjoying Boundless everyday and maybe that they should look into trying to get that last update out just to make this small community Happy

& I like to annoy james-chan cause I can muhahahahaha @james

@Goblinounours -chan


Totally agree with you. James even made a big deal about how it’s all integrated and they have to release it as a whole.
I mean why do that? Why not release the sword/shield with the full skill page as an update and then release the private servers later as it involves more coding and test work.
To me, that seems like poor planning on the Devs part.
Not to mention that if you don’t have a quad core processor (like me) you can’t even run private servers.

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I think the issue here is that whatever happened to cause the sudden cutoff - they have already done the work the other way.

There’s really nothing but a few business decisions and the follow-on tuning left to do for that release. But there also has to be support and etc… at scale to follow a release of that magnitude. First-round support for private servers will be huge I’m sure.

With that in mind undoing all that’s already done and re-doing it again in 2 separate parts is definitely pretty silly. Considering where things are at it would also probably take a lot longer to get it done. They could just put that budget to support and release the work they already finished. If they had that budget …

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You’re assuming there still are “devs” in the traditional sense of the term, and that it’s not just James and Blake sometimes passing by to see who’s pinging them, to see if it’s worth their time and if they can fix it easily by just turning the servers off and on again.