Beacon fuel is not bad, but we need some better way to manage it

We really need a better way to manage our (and our friends) beacons. For me this is a pain to run around the city, check every little plot in order to refuel other people beacons, ask for permissions because some people revoke me access (I require all permissions for plots in chisel town to ensure everything is refueled) or try to contact owners who have like 2h left…

During the last month Chisel Town lost:

  • 2 player houses - I couldn’t refuel them and they disappeared
  • An air balloon
  • Big 100 blocks high statue
  • and some random, good looking beacon outside the walls

You may say it’s not the case but look, I play everyday and I missed these beacons. Owners stopped playing/took a break and also did.

I propose this attractive solution.

  1. Let us grab a beacon token from other people beacons.
  2. Let us insert these tokens into one selected beacon.
  3. Let us refill all connected beacons from 1 single place.



The downside would be trolls and griefers refilling abandoned beacons for shiggles.

I do wish there was an easier way to see the remaining fuel on beacons you have access too though.

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Simplest way to prevent that is to give ability to make tokens only to beacon owners.


im using greater beacon fuel. my beacons are fueled longer than this game is released yet. dont tell me u are using tree leaves alone in chisel town to keep beacons up. If those people let their beacon run out and dont show up for weeks… well, place for some new people?

Isn’t the entire point of the Beacon-fueling mechanic to remove the plots of players who quit the game entirely? So that their entirely dead Beacons aren’t littering the world?

I don’t see why we can’t simply fuel our Beacons from the Beacon page without having to actually go to each Beacon and manually open each Beacons’ GUI.

If the people who are actually quitting the game aren’t going to log in every few months to manually refuel Beacons, they already don’t care enough about the game for this change to actually affect anything. I know I personally don’t have many claimed Beacons and builds because I don’t want it to all pile up and have to portal between a bunch of planets and throw more Beacon fuel in to every single Beacon. It’s too much of an anxiety-inducing mechanic for me.


thats why i connected my settlements with portals directly :DD

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It’s the best option we have, but I don’t have the time to play enough to gain enough Oort Stone to keep up with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think it’s working as intended, when the beacon expires anyone can refill it and preserve the build including, and in your case especially, settlement owners.

I’m not sure exactly how regen is calculated but if it’s not so hard, it might be good for devs to slow down regen on expired plots when that regen would delete a man-made block. 4 hours is great for regenerating public resources but not-so-great for looting/preserving decaying structures.

It might make the act more fun too, as it would mean empty space fills back in before the walls etc disappear. You would have to excavate some of the build, but it would mostly still be there.

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got 8 portals running and fuel for at least a week in all of them. if u keep the portal size low its easy as supporting beacons… the worst thing that happens when u running out of fuel is that u need to reopen the portal for some extra cost. not much deterring for me lol

The real problem is we need better ways to fuel a PORTAL. Less than 2 weeks maximum is ridiculous!


Well if you provide access to others they can add more fuel when they see it getting low.

why would u need to keep up a portal for over 2 weeks when ur not there? u can always re-open it when u come back

Assuming I have people i trust in game to do it. So far I’m playing solo…

Well people go away for holidays, work trips etc.

I want people to be able to visit my shop while I am away. Sure some stocks would get low (hopefully) while I was away but it would be active so people can shop while I am not there.

It would be OK if there wasn’t a premium on the initial opening of the portal. Not that I can’t afford it but it seems strange we can fuel beacons for longer than 4 weeks with the basic fuel but portals last less than 2 weeks on a full fuel load.