Beacon Fuel Shards

With beacons in their current state (for us mere peasants who do not have gleam club), we want to get our money’s worth when we fuel our beacons. The problem is if we refuel early all current fuel is lost; you can add time to a beacon, but fuel remaining is irrelevant. This results in some of us playing Beacon chicken - if I use a greater beacon fuel I don’t want to refuel a couple weeks early because it’s not super cheap.

The quality of life improvement I would suggest is to either have a beacon fuel shards option like with portals - you can top a portal off without losing remaining fuel - or allow us to overfuel beacons by at least 25-50%. That way when we top off there is less waste :slight_smile:

This should cut down on instances of beacon sadness from beacons expiring since you can now top it off a little early without feeling ripped off.


I’ve been saying this for years.
The beacon fuelling mechanic needs to be updated.
I made a similar suggestion:

(okay, I tweaked the quote to combine 2 messages in the same thread.)


It adds up, if you have more than one beacon.

I’m up to at least 6 beacons, so even doing it with two weeks left on the clock, adds up to over three months worth of wasted fuel.

I’m not even one of the worst case scenarios, either.

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Wouldn’t aiming for effiency just cause more problems to you that you would need to fuel on specific time or you would lose something?

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Yes, that’s the point; We aren’t allowed to be efficient, without risking everything.

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I regularly refuel 30+ beacons with tier 3 fuel and 3 or 4 weeks left on them. Not the biggest downer in boundless by any means, but still, somewhat undesirable. That’s a lot of wasted fuel.


It could be that once upon a time beacon fuels lasted half as long, and our current state is already a bonus but I still want fuel to carry over. At least some of it…

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I agree. I see why you shouldn’t be able to just shove 20 greater fuels in a beacon at once, but perhaps a 3 week grace period on greater fuel, a 2 week period on improved fuel and a 1 week period on basic fuel? That is:
If you put in a regular fuel with 1 week left you end up with 5 weeks
If you put in an improved fuel with 2 weeks left you end up with 10 weeks
If you put in a greater fuel with 3 weeks left you end up with 15 weeks


Perfect solution.