Beacon Grappler Permissions

I think it would be useful for people looking to make mini games/puzzles/dungeons to be able to control the use of Grapplers within their plots, whether that be done through a Beacon or through another block.

This allows for puzzles, mazes, parkour tests, more player privacy if desired.

I don’t really know the architecture of the code in Boundless but this seems like it could be a simple addition that could really expand the community aspect. Tons of funhouses will pop up after an addition like this


Perhaps I’m taking this and making it too big of an idea, but there could definitely be a lot of functionality built around this idea. Maybe we could have furniture or machines that prevent a range of different activities and functions within the beacon they’re in.

For example, if I wanted to build a maze or puzzle and be sure that everyone has the same experience, I’d want to disable grapples. I’d also want to disable the extra jump height, ledge climbing and double jump capabilities. I may even want to standardise player speed via agility or through buffs if I wanted to time people for a competition.

Actually, making it even bigger, you could even have similar installations that grant specific buffs or skill while within the beacon. So if you were to build a maze designed for people WITH the jump skill, you could ensure they have it.

Obviously it would need thinking about to prevent it getting abused…


Hmmmmm, I like it. Means i could then leave my mazes open to the air without fear of a player climbing the thing an checkin out the layout, would save me loads of material, and also make it so players dont need to bring a light into my dark mazes.

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A neat trick to trap players and to force them to return to sanctum too… :confused:

Honestly, that was kind of intentional. If I make a maze of portal with a big prize at the end. It would be nice to be able to include real consequences like a fall trap

you could use power coils and a machine, they damage the player :smiling_imp: expensive and very devious, but it could work.

Another useful object would be a coin-operated door

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You could cover your mazes with glass or trapdoors so that they couldn’t get above the walls. :slight_smile:

Glass is REALLY expensive to craft tho :tired_face:

Please! There’s currently not much of a reason to make a parkour course here because people can simply grapple up to any of it. I would absolutely love a permission switch for grapples in beacons. <3

You are not lying! That’s why I suggested trapdoors as an alternative.