Beacon is lost

Hello guys!

Sorry to bother you guys with my problems.
So, the thing is… When i logged on today I was thinking about moving my house.
So I started to destroy my beacon and… it disappeared :confused:
And I cant craft a new one, because I cant place my Crafting Table without a Beacon.
So what’s up with that?

Are you playing the testing or live version of the game?

If you are playing the testing version you should be able to build a campfire.

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And the campfire acts as a temporary Beacon?

Yes exactly

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Yes, that’s correct. Campfire acts as your temporary beacon, whereas the Beacon is your permanent home.

You would set up a campfire first then decide if you want to upgrade it to a Beacon or let it expire and move on.

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Awesome! Thanks guys!

Maybe it’s me being dumb again, but I can’t place my Campfire

There is a problem when you break a beacon control but the beacon and the plots still remain. This means you need to use new plots to place a campfire until the old plots expire.

You might need to level up to increase the amount of plots you have

But I live on the other side of the planet now… and my plots expire in 16w I think :neutral_face:

Grind out a few levels and you’ll quickly earn some more plots

As a work around you could also use the beacon plot removal tool to remove those plots, if you have one in your inventory. But you need to go back to your original beacon, which should still be a location in your warp list.

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I’m so screwed. I don’t have one of those in my inventory and also can’t craft one, guess I will be waiting for someone to trade me one :confused:

2 things, are you on the live or test version,

If you’re on live I can give you a beacon

We’re hoping to update the testing version soon, but this will likely come with a progression wipe so you can level up again and gain some plots.

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Let’s say I deleted my beacon and moved on to a new place where I have 3 beacon plots. When a progression wipe hits a the testing version, will my 3 beacon plots be removed.