Beacon low on fuel question

hi was getting ready for new winter season :smiley:
so was doing super boring fueling off all my property’s
and soon visiting all off them with main caracter even more boring lol
my question is can the game inform me a beacon is low on fuel even if someone allready fueled it
i had the notification but the caracter i was checking showed no low beacons in list
so is this possible

one time i noticed one on 3weeks but the previous caracter just fueled it so it was a bit delayed to show but the first notification i dont think was prefueled by another caracter owned by me

also would it harm to just give us a overal list off beacons instead off spreading them across multiple alts making this super tedious and time consuming :smiley:

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So, the low beacon was character A’s. Character B has that beacon on his list too, but it didn’t show “low beacon fuel” on character B’s beacon list? All same account?

Good question! I’m interested in that answer too. I have the same beacons on a few of my alts that belong to my main character also.

It was first I checked and it gave warning but no stuff was below atleast 3 weeks if I remember correct

If I understand this correctly, you want to check the amount of fuel left on a beacon from Places -> Beacons tab? Provided that one of the characters has the permission to access the beacon, that character can interact with the beacon and add it to the beacon list. The same character can then check the amount of beacon fuel left.

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I think same acct beacons should all be seen on whatever char. Heres an issue Ive had I have used an alt to take over another beacon on my beacon list and what will happen is I will get low fuel even though its been filled and taken over and eventually it will say expired even though its not it just on different char.

Also I think what mobius is talking about is sometimes if its fueled if you go to an alt with that beacon its “!” low fuel until you click on it then it resets to normal

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my main question was if i log in and get a warning beacon fuel is low
is it possible it is a fals alarm because a friend off mine allready fueled it while i was not playing but i still get the ow fuel alert when there is actually fuel added allready when afk?
conkuur comment above me explain it better

yes all same account
so i assume some friend fueled my beacon but the game still told me its low but when i looked for wich one is low i found them all nicely fueled

Yeah if in doubt Moe just click on the beacon it usually resets. I just remember logging in one time seeing beacon expired and panicking only to realize I had an alt take the beacon I unfuelled it and reclaimed it on my alt but game still counted down old timer.

Right, okay, so the game appears to display a beacon running out of fuel, but when you interact with it, it then shows the correct time. Are you able to show this in screenshot and / or video form? If that’s a bit tricky to do, then can you recall what the incorrect timer was showing before it proceeds to correct itself after interacting with the beacon?

Can’t help ya with that I’ll try get info next time.
The timer corrected in the menu no actual beacon was involved got warning checked the beacon menu and saw it was all good it happened before so I’m sure it happen again then I will write down everything with details etc