Beacon "outside settlement"

Just unplotted an area in my settlement to split it from another beacon. Its in the middle of the settlement and surrounded by/touching other plots on all sides. When i finished replotting it all my total settlement prestige dropped by about 70,000.

On one character the beacon shows as “outside of settlement”.

On another (warden) it shows as being in the settlement, but ranked #1.

Here’s a shot of another beacon in the same settlement, also showing rank #1.
Its definitely the same settlement, changing the name on this beacon effects the others, and changing the name on others affects this one.

And as i said my prestige dropped 70,000. But this beacon is only 39,000. The settlement was on 510,000 prestige prior to this, but is now 440,000. i know because i posted in discord a couple days ago cause i was excited about ticking over half a mil.

Any ideas on what might be going wrong?

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Prestige is calculated based on a number of factors. Changing plots can lead to different prestige count, depending on the amount and type of blocks present on those plots (including the natural ones).

Can’t say much about the “outside of settlement” issue, but settlement mechanics received some changes in the incoming patch.

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Its the same plots/blocks, didnt change anything just unplotted and replotted the same space within 2 mins. Actually i did dig out about 10 rock to get to a plot, and may have not re-plotted an empty one or two in the sky, but really nothing that should have come close to 30k worth.

The beacon prestige value looks about right to me from memory, i have 3 others that have almost mirrored builds on them that are around the same, its the settlement total prestige which seems out (40k for this beacon + 30k disappeared).

If what you want is to join settlements either of your other characters or friends must be linked by rows of 3 plots, not a path of a plot or two, it has to be 3 plot and so you can join what is I crave

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That’s really interesting. How wide is the plot you segregated from the middle of the settlement? Also, what happens when you restart the game? This may sound kinda dumb and I know the plot width should not matter, but it might. Try making it 2x2 and see what happens.

I think in this case, the rest of the surrounding settlement is wide enough to remain intact without creating the settlement bridges… Blah blah problem. Right. I think that area is pretty well plotted.

I would guess that before you changed it you were getting beacon bonuses from adjoining plots, that you lost by separating it.

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That could be it. Maybe I’ll run a test later. That’s an interesting dynamic which would be good to better understand.

Yeah was thinking it could just be percentage multipliers on both beacons. 10% of 100 = 10, but 2x (5% of 50) = 5… so that could explain the missing 30k prestige… maybe

Still something very odd happening with it showing “outside settlement” on one character, and rank #1 on another. Especially when its actually about 6th in the settlement. And if i change the settlement name on this beacon it changes the whole settlement, and vice versa, changing the name on others affects this one.

Its 22 plots right in the middle of the settlement, about 4x4ish area, surrounded on all 4 sides with no gaps at all.

Im thinking ill just try it again/maybe add some more plots, but somethings definitely buggy so wanted to report and wait for a dev to see it before i try anything else myself.

No luck restarting, i thought the same as ive had it be a little slow to update things before, but still the same issue this morning.

Did some more testing and its showing “outside settlement” on all my characters except the beacon owner, who is also warden of the settlement. They all have full permissions on all beacons in the settlement.

Cant really see the beacon boundries, but its 5x3, ending at the corner where my cursor is

This is really bizarre. Are you going to be on again soon?

Yeah im on now, but halfway though a mining run so will be about half an hour

Turns out the prestige issues were from another beacon that had too much road and was doing the old “cannot merge”.

Still got outside settlement issues on all the beacons in the settlement though. If im looking at them with another character whos not the beacon owner they are green and outside settlement, with the beacon owner they are orange and fine. Doesnt seem to have any other effect, still odd though.

Also worked out the rank thing, seems to be character based, not the beacon.