Beacon Persistence

I got another Idea:

Since we all want to keep our house, it doesn’t matter with fuel or whatever is true that we don’t want to have a graveyard of abandoned houses. So what if when someone loses his beacon (then we can talk about how) all his stuff are sent to a kind of personal bank or by mail or something and then the beacon space is filled how it was before ( back to the initial world state.) and this way if the player came back in the future he or she can rebuild his/her house but will need to find a new place to place the new beacon… sorry for my english gosh…


This is part of what we have been talking about. This would allow someone to take one of their beaconed outpost with resources and paste it next to their main base after it has expired. I proposed a similar idea of keeping the chest. That is why i suggest being forced to put it within close proximity to where it was previously.

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Point out a single multiplayer game that has non-instanced player housing with no upkeep. None, zero, they don’t exist. Why? Because that defeats the purpose of an MMO. It isn’t a single player game you can hop in and out whenever you want with several month breaks in between, and expect everything to be the same. Things change, other people exist, you aren’t the center of the universe in a multiplayer game.
No one wants their stuff to be deleted, but most people recognize the fact that other people play the game too and it is unfair to them if everything gets locked up by people who don’t even bother to play anymore.

You worried about your stuff being gone if you take a couple month break? Either have some friends who upkeep it for you, join a guild, or let someone else live there with the expectation that they don’t tear it down. You can’t go on vacation for a year and expect your house to still be yours without paying rent, same thing here.


I am rather exited for tomorrow when @Zouls get in and see this alst time we discussed this he had some pretty hefty arguments against beacom decay and the fuel system especially. That should put out some good perspective on the debate at least ^.^


Agree, but not deleted at all, thats why i am proposing some solutions: [quote=“Skeeto, post:101, topic:4285”]
Since we all want to keep our house, it doesn’t matter with fuel or whatever is true that we don’t want to have a graveyard of abandoned houses.

lets keep bringing ideas.

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A lot of people so far have been in favour of having a fuel source to power beacons - stipulating that the fuel source should be very easy to find and collect.

The only way I can realistically see that working would be to either have a single ‘block’ of fuel last at least 4 weeks, or if you want it to last less time, have every spare area of land littered with said fuel (ok may be a bit over the top, but you get the idea). If you want it super easy to find and collect, which will have to tie in with resource regeneration, you’d need to have the fuel be very efficient otherwise you would need to have a lot of the fuel blocks be visible to aways give you that easy part.

For me personally, fuelling a beacon is sounding very much like a job (and it will be a job no matter how quick you think it will be to achieve refuelling your beacon)… I already have a job… I want to play a game to not do a job, but to enjoy myself.

Others are questioning why should you want a beacon to last a long time not and not expire… personally I think an occasional player or even a new player would be put off by having a short time on beacons…

Example time:

You’re new to the game, you’ve progressed far enough to learn how to make a beacon to protect a plot of land, you collect all the required materials you need and build one, you built a small but comfortable dwelling and store a bunch of your stuff there - personal sense of achievement unlocked!

Now, the real world kicks in … you go away for 2-3 weeks (for whatever reason), without realising you need to fuel your beacon (if a max fuel capability is tied into progression, as some have suggested, fuelling a beacons for a new player could possibly be limited to only 1 week anyway)… you come back, decide to play B< only to find everything you’ve built (no matter how small) is now gone (or worse, someone else is squatting exactly where you left your dwelling… that previous sense of achievement is now dead for that player.

The probability that they will want to play the game right away and build/collect everything again…? Not very high. In my opinion, this sort of scenario is more likely to push people away from the game and onto something else. It would certainly frustrate me, I know that much!

I’m still deeply in favour of not having a fuel source … as I don’t want to have to do a weekly (or whatever interval) grind getting it. Having to do a continual grind is one of the reasons I stopped playing games like WoW. I would much rather have a notification either by email (for PC players) or whatever notification system is easiest for PS4, to tell me my beacon is due to expire in X days/weeks, and then just log in to refresh my claim(s).

I also think arguments over the aesthetics of a beacon where someone hasn’t visited for some time, is negligible… there are many self-confessed non-builders on these forums, who by all accounts may well have ugly buildings (sorry, but it’s a possibility - unless you hire a builder :wink: ). You’re not always going to like the things that other people build - it’s what makes everyone unique - we all have different views and ideas (both on forums and in game!).

Personally I think that, whatever happens, Boundless needs to be as accessible to as many players as possible, for as long as possible. If that means not regen’ing a shack that someone built up to 3 months ago, in the hope that they will come back and continue to play again, I seriously do not have a problem with that - the more the merrier!

… and my apologies for the massive brain dump post! Happy Friday :smiley:


Or it could spawn in such large amounts that the market vallue is so low that you can basically buy it for anything.

This is basicallly why I go for measuring it in months. And we need a tutorrial, because of stuff like that. (Same could happen for decay based on activity) Also first beacon should spawn with full fuel probably.

This is why I don’t see the 6 month ideas as completely insane and think that 6 month timers i completely reasonable as in ingame goal. As lon as the houses disapear within a year without use, the worlds will self clean themselves over time. And it just need to keep the ugly build count a bit down.


Meh well either way I’m going to be making a metropolis so peasants can do whatever they want outside the render range of my walls :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree that it needs to be super easy/cheap to get the fuel but I think the max should be 3 months at most especially if others can help fuel. 6 months is a looong time and a lot players wont even play that long. A ton of players will play the first month and clutter up the worlds with small, ugly, and basic stuff and then we would have to wait until 7 months into the games life for it to be cleaned up.


Which is why 6 month should be a reachable goal and not what you start with.

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but if its really easy to get the fuel, I would assume most people would max it cause why wouldn’t they but maybe my perception of the average person is incorrect.

With reachable I mena through leveling like mentioned before so even if you have a lot of fuel you cna maybe only stock the beacon for 1-2 months later on when you have played for a week or maybe some more that could be upgrade to 3 and then through the next years (depending on progressiong and amount of playing ) you could go towards 6 months.


Ah sorry I didn’t read every post, i apologize for being lazy. I like that idea. The more you level, the longer it can be set for.

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Your first problem was assuming people are logical and responsible. Common mistake.


The only issue with this is that you would either need to find the fuel laying around first, or someone that is actually selling it.

I’m also not sure if resource regen will work in the same way as world regen - i.e. a well travelled area might not regen as quickly as a quiet area. Meaning you may have to spend a fair bit of time finding one of the above.

@alexanderyou I liked your post and I just realised, you may have been referring to me as the ‘peasant’ :confused: lol

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I refer to everyone as a peasant, it all depends on what kind of peasant. The good ones are the potato farmers, the bad ones are the dung slingers.


According to this quote, it will not respawn in the same place so yes you would have to find a new source.

edit: after posting this i am realizing it has nothing to do with if activity restricts where it spawns… so maybe nevermind.

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No need for me to continue writing my post to explain that then :smiley:

If the fuel is made to be so abundant and cheap that anyone can easily get it there might as well be no fuel at all and instead have some other system in place that is just as accessible but without fuel as at that point the fuel is just unnecessary clutter.


What system would you have in mind. The fuel allows you to stockpile, have others contribute fuel to a beacon if allowed, and requires more effort then just logging on for a second and then back off.

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