Beacon/Plot Messages (addition to Letter Box)


The current Letter Box is a great thing but not available if a person does not put it down. Can we please increase the ease of allowing people to communicate in this game so that plot issues/conflict can be reduced and collaboration/new building can increase?

I should be able to walk up to any beacon and message the owner of it. A simple option like we have with the letter box. We are hampering people greatly since the Letter Box is not always available.

Please find a way to allow an easier way to contact characters that we have never interacted with before. How else am I supposed to get in touch with the player right beside me or somewhere else if I have never crossed paths. This just seems ridiculous to have this limitation.

This is my suggestion clarified: Go to any plot, select places, in the current beacon we would have the ability to message the owner. If it is a GUILD controlled beacon it would show the owner of that beacon since it still has an underlying person. You press button and a message is sent in chat like the letterbox.


A lot of players hide or bury their beacon controls.

There will always be an issue with communication since it’s an MMO/worldwide due to time zones. There are also parental controls that allows parents to turn off chat, etc. Maybe place a sign with a message so they can see it?

There have been a few times I’ve had to use a sign to communicate…kinda funny to check the next day and find that they placed a sign with an answer back :joy::joy: but hey, it worked :sunglasses:


This seems sort of like insisting that the government put a phone into every house because you feel like you should be able to call whoever you want to.

As long as there are ignore/report options and messages don’t show up with parental controls on, would it be a problem? Being able to send tells/messages (or I guess, “letters” if they’re offline) is pretty common in mmorpgs at least.

Good point… updated and clarified the ask.

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I’ve been calling for this since before mailboxes were a thing in order to help resolve potential plot conflicts of interest.

110% support!