Beacon portal opening on top of mountain

Unsure if this is related to the known issue of, beacons may not work correctly if 100 meters away from center.

I have a beacon in my mine, there is enough room above it for a 2x3 portal, but when I open a portal to the beacon it opens on top of the mountain where my mine is located.

Please let me know if there is something else I should be doing.

Are you opening a warp or a portal? Portals are generally pretty good at traveling in tight spaces. Warps though, when it deems that there’s not enough room, it will warp you on top of the location.

I’m opening a warp

Personal recommendation would be to make a higher ceiling. I don’t know the specifics as to how tall it needs to be though.

when warping to a beacon directly (not to a saved location) it tries to open the warp at the “centre” of the beacon, if that location is not viable it will go down the standard path of trying to find somewhere a little bit above or below on the ground, and eventually somewhere somewhat nearby on the surface.

Does this help?

if you can share the location in a private message, I can take a look in game. Its likely that the centre of your beacon (+ the height of the warp) makes it stick into the ceiling and then it trys to search up for a place to create the warp and fails falling back on going somewhere near the surface.

warping to a beacon directly is not generally going to be very accurate… its meant for a general “go somewhere nearby my beacon” especcialy as beacons become larger, it would be wiser generally to warp to a saved location for where you actually want the warp to open to “in” your beacon. heck with funky shaped beacons, the “centre” of the beacon… may not even be inside the beacon!

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for others: confirmed the central locatin of the beacon was in the middle of solid mountain, and so the warp would open up near on the surface instead.

confusion arose from beacon vs beacon control blocks and expecting the warp to beacon to warp to the control block (which doesn’t happen, not only because you can have multiple control blocks (or none))