Beacon Protection buffers in Release 227 Status

Funny, because that’s exactly what my issue was. I removed plots from my pre-update buffer made off plots that had less than 10k prestige and upon remove couple of plots the neighboring beacon jumped and reserve those plots. I think that’s more of a bug, I don’t believe it was intended for a buffer to jump peoples plots… But who knows :pleading_face:


I put that up as a poll after he threw it out as a possible fix and a lot of people didn’t like it. They said “what if two settlements merge? Who gets the rights?”. I didn’t have a good answer for that, so that may not work. I also thought it sounded pretty good at first.

As long as the oldest-plots/beacons nearby aren’t allowed to take plots with the buffer, when the trade occurs.

I agree dont remove it.

I myself like it alot but think it should be off by default.
And maybe when people deplot make it so there is some kind of time for people to plot it once more like 1min to 30sec. So if I want to change a plot to another alt, I can deplot it, change and fule the beacon once more


In all fairness I have 8k plots currently covering my builds and expansion space on segi. But the buffers aren’t needed to do so. They are now just additional plots out that aren’t needed. With the plot veiwer I think it would be easy for the developers to find anything they see as abuse by the system. The folks most likely to abuse this system are folks with much smaller amounts of plots and will be less impactful. I’d also wager most of us with 10k+ plots probably have a bunch we don’t use which is why so many of us offer help plotting guild and community builds.


I’m not sure if it’s working as they thought it might, but they did mention the buffer-plot-vampire thing

Not knowing which plots are older doesn’t help

To be honest, I think this functionality should have been implemented at the same time as the previous opinion request - HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons! (if it is to become active game functionality that is).

I think that would have solved a few of the issues in releasing plots to others (although possibly created a few more issues in the process).


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I would be less stress to see it fully removed, since I want to transfert some area …

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Yup it’s a shame we have them in the game if we didn’t the devs would be giving us great things like “Furniture” lol…instead of Protection needs we have to have due to things like this, such a shame really cause I love the game :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The good idea :bulb: as some have said add a timer so if a beacon of yours is removed you get time to change it or give to a friend.

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Honestly, I think that to avoid these problems, it is as simple as giving only surveyor protection only to the guardian of the settlement, so only the one with the greatest prestige will have the priority of the plots, so you also encourage people to fight for the kingdom , since today you get nothing for being a guardian and less for being king, only the guardian will have priority, so you avoid collapsing the shopping centers and cities with many players with different schedules, I think it would be the best solution, since the guardians , they are almost always active maintaining their settlement

Wouldn’t that just flame prestige wars which from my understanding is partly why the buffer zones were introduced?


As you suggest, I would have the settlement with more players more likes and therefore more prestige, right?

That’s an old problem. The only thing new is that not only whales can do it.

If anything it makes the game less p2w.

If these players have characters involved in the development of the settlement on their account, no, they couldn’t like.
That would avoid exploits.

I am talking about individual players, I did not consider a player with several alts, since you said that those would not be allowed. there are people who vote for tastes, each one may like one building or another. If it were a system apart from the prestige it would be fine, to be able to label a building as a monument, tourist building, depending on the likes … if I see it. but not to associate it with the prestige system, in the end the city with more players would like its buildings to be capital. Not everyone would vote for beauty in this case.

Personally, I wouldn’t only vote for beauty.
I’d give a like if a build is useful, if I’ve felt welcomed, if the layout is good, etc…
It would be up to people to decide why they like something, and I’d find that far superior to the algorythm which will always be somehow exploited.

In any case, this is off-topic. Might become a separate suggestion thread later.

the damping, is to prevent someone from joining your settlement without permission and with it the possibility of changing the name of your settlement and guardian position, the prestige war as you call it, is currently active in the game and not I see the problem, it is one of the possibilities you have as a builder

Ah I see, I thought you meant instead of the buffer system. I’m surprised you haven’t seen posts on here from people getting very upset by someone building on their doorstep with gleam towers etc and then renaming the settlement. Some people have found it to be a problem that they have even gone as far as dismantling their whole town and relocating.

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Blueprints would help in giving players the chance to relocate

True … I’m still on the fence regarding them … I can see the advantage of being able to pack-up a build and relocate if you want to, there’s been many a time I’ve found some amazing places that I’ve wanted to relocate to, but as I’m really lucky to have great neighbour’s where I am if I move I could lose all that plus the other down side is you can log in a couple of days later and find your nice secluded spot you’ve spent ages looking for is suddenly surrounded by others who aren’t necessarily such nice neighbour’s who’ve done the same thing so in the end will they really help.