Beacon Protection buffers in Release 227 Status

Hey Everyone.

Thanks for all your feedback about the Beacon Protection buffers in Release 227.

There have been many comments, complaints, issues, and plenty of feedback. We realise that the system is causing headaches for some players and communities. We’ve experienced this first hand and are trying to learn where the root issues are.

We’re exploring a range of options from changing nothing, to defaulting all the buffers to off, and even fully removing the system.

We can’t change the system on a Friday afternoon - without risking stability. The earliest we would deploy any changes would be mid-next week depending on their complexity. So I hope everyone can be patient whilst we work out the best path forward.


Awesome James, thanks for the information :smiley:

Please don’t remove it, is a great idea.

• Main issue I notice is that it jumps over peoples plots and reserves within someone else’s beacon when plots are removed. Maybe add a timer, to allow people to beacon their area before the neighbors reservation takes over.
•a plot transfer system would be very helpful for when there is a condense area of plots.
• I think a tip upon reaching 10k prestige would be best instead of automatically turn the buffer on. The tip would just let them know they can now turn the buffer on but it would be best to be off as default.
•remove buffer from plots consider roads.


You guys work hard, we appreciate it. Everyone just needs to communicate clearly and calmly with each other.

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Enjoy your weekend o/

@james You should set up a good half dozen or more exos to drop this weekend, get everyone’s minds off of plot issues :grin:

Did someone say Umbris?

  • add a delay before buffer consumes recently unplotted territory
  • prevent buffer from crossing other plotted regions

Relevant thread: 🔵 Oldest-plots-take-over & buffers should be removed

  • large areas can be reserved with minimal plots

Relevant Thread: Protect your reserved space!

Personally I feel it should default to off, please don’t remove it! I don’t want someone else swooping in and renaming my solo build.

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Please do this for now. It will be greatly appreciated. We’ll help you guys come up with better ideas to try. This one just isn’t gonna work on existing places.

Thank you for listening/hearing us.


Maybe start with something simple like this and observe it’s affects be for moving to more drastic measures


Thank you! I know you guys have only the best intentions and you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to keep everyone happy.

It’s good to know you see the problem and the unintended consequences of this update.Im going to stay positive and patient. People can wait for a plot for a few days. :blush:

The saddest part of all of this is the reason we need this “protection” at all. It comes down to two things…

First… beacon campers and trolls who push others to needing this type of solution. If people would just “play nice in the sandbox” we wouldn’t need this.

Second… new players who spawn in and lay down their first build as per the tutorial. Then they move on… because most people don’t stay where they first build. They don’t even realize they are doing anything wrong… they just haven’t figured out that our society has issues with this random build popping up.(thanks to the trolls).

There is nothing we can do about the trolls… trolls will be trolls. We can just only hope they don’t have gleam club so their trolly beacons will die sooner rather than later.

The second… we can fix. What if when people start the game, they go to a temporary planet as they go through the tutorial. Then after hitting level 20, let’s say… then they can leave their starter planet and find their place in the universe. They could perhaps still travel to the rest of the universe, but won’t be able to plot or build anywhere else until they have finished with the tutorial.


Umbris heals all wounds


Thanks for your work James & Team. But dont forget to enjoy the weekend :wink:


just dropping this in what if we can plot the protection zone ourself using plotter mecanic so we have more control where we want it


I know it sucks putting all that time and effort into the system but hopefully you guys can get it sorted the way you want it

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I like this! Give us a set number of reservations based off of number of plots, prestige, or other contributing factors.

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Although I’m not personally effected (in any way that matters to me), for the sake of all these wonderful folks in the community that I’ve truly come to care about deeply, thank you for your work - it is MUCH appreciated! :smiley:

Err yeah, and this… :wink:


I think the plot buffers are a great feature but like many other things this should be an option to toggle like you said and not forced.

It’s great how your team is receptive and listens to the community.

Going forward I would love to see more time and energy spent on adding content to this game rather than features some complain about just to implement and then receive more complaints.

We already had the ability to plot buffer areas around our builds before this update.

In my opinion we need more items to build with, and an expanded combat system.


Why not just give us the ability to opt out of a settlement? That way no forced mergers are possible even without a plot buffer? I’m very sorry to hear that this mechanic caused problems for players who were willing to merge settlements in the past, but it was a welcome protection to those of us with large neighbors on the horizon who we’d rather not join with.




Space was never the issue for me. I don’t care if people plot right up next to me. It’s the fact that my settlement’s identity can be taken over by a prestige merger that is my problem.


I do think that the option of opting out of a settlement would be a good solution. But it is too bad that the buffer is causing troubles. I was pretty happy the buffer thing myself.