Protect your reserved space!

use 80 machined iron blocks = 10k+
ya I have 10 full stacks of machined iron blocks look out world


Ok well lets say another player happens to be in the mix because he just happened to be in the way now he has no protection at all.So simple fix is remove the mechanic and let a REAL person GM in game handle territorial disputes.

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Selling beacons - 1600 in stock.


LOl at both of you .

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I think buffer zone is good idea, it just needs some adjustments such as 10k prestige meet would only be for home beacon and for other beacons it would ignore these plot spaghetti cases with some formula where plot count is taken into account.

333 blocks of native color deco rock.

so 11 times 25 plots (275 plots) per stack approximately. with the 39 stacks sitting here it’s roughly enough to reserve 10725 plot columns (including the beaconed plots).


I imagine someone just rubbing their hands together with a evil look on their face whispering…mine all MINE!!!


The problem is that the reserved space immediately changes owner. This must be fixed.

And it shouldn’t switch to the oldest remaining neighbor plot.

This is my reserved space. Replotting must not forfait this! This can only be freed when I abandon my plots for good.

A working implementation wood look like this:

  • When you unplot, the unplotted plot becomes reserved.
  • This plot and all the reserved plots stay reserved for 1 hour
  • You decide who can plot there
  • If you, or someone you allowed, plots one if these plots within an hour, the reserved plots stay as if they were plotted at the time the unplotted plot was plotted.

All problems solved.


I’m sorry! I can’t help my self! Forgive me!!!

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How many Plots could a plotter plot plot if a plotters plot hit my plot? lol


That be me


I would imagine this isn’t going to be a common problem, and would probably be addressed by the devs if it did ever happen. Can’t say for sure though, can’t really see how it breaks any rules other than being a little greedy!

before you complained, that people joined your settlements without permission and with that they could manipulate the name of the city and the first place of the settlement, they have created many problems with these situations, I know of someone who will be happy with this update, but not everyone will agree, because the fault of this is of those who have complained so much, then, because now you complain that you do not want it ??? Is it just for complaining or is it really a problem? I think it is a great help to prevent large cities from taking control of the entire planet, thanks to this update, it will not happen, only if they activate the private worlds, which I expected so much, but I no longer expect it, since this solve all my problems

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It really is a problem. I have beacons I’d like to give people but no longer can because if I unplot they will be reserved by the people around me. How is that hard to see as a problem?

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no, I do not see the problem, because if you take away the survivor permission to your beacon, it will be as before, then what is the problem? I still can’t see it friend

Its the beacons around me that have to do that. Not me. I need to give a build to someone but it’s surrounded by people. So they all have to turn it off.


Vocal Minority: we want THIS!!!

Vocal Minority: we don’t want THIS!!!



If what you want is to give the beacon to someone, create a thread and surely someone will be interested, but get in touch with those who affect you, but I do not see the problem, on the other hand, you make sure that nobody joins you, in In this case, you will have to talk to those responsible for each beacon and solve it, but say that it is a problem, I do not agree because it solves the lives of almost all veterans, who have suffered from trolls