Beacon Range Limits

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Okay, so I have a large project I am going to start working towards and need to know some mechanical information.

I would like to know the range on beacons per plots that reach out from the plot its in. I remember reading in an old thread back during Alpha Beta testing days that it was something like 100 plots. I am not entirely sure if that’s the case now but if that is I would like to know.

So with that being said, if the limit still is 100 plots (unless I am remembering it wrong), does that mean I can extend that range by spreading out additional Beacons over a large area and effectively be able to plot massive swathes of land in order to claim up real estate for a city project?

I need to know for horizontal and vertical needs of the project I want to create since it involves a lot of plots and if it turns out what I want to do isn’t going to work out I am going to have to adjust things accordingly.

If I am not mistaken each plot is 8x8x8, as far as how many plots per beacon, unlimited…, the only limit is your total plot count. First beacon is known as the master beacon, you can add other beacons and change the master beacon whenever you want, but that master beacon is the one that all the plots are attached too, regardless of how many plots or beacons you add.

The reason I am asking is because during Alpha and Beta, people had reported that some of their plots they had used on their build went away cause they hit some sort of limit. Like they would plot some land, leave it untouched for a day or two, then come back and see it went back to the Wild as if it was never claimed.

I want to know the mechanics behind that in more up to date information. I know there’s mess limits and all that and that’s something I don’t even understand. Perhaps that’s what was causing it.

@james @Steggs101 @luke-turbulenz Any of you or another dev wish to share information on this? I just need to know if I need to spread out beacons to prevent any sort of limitation with plots.

My one beacon has 190 tied to it currently :thinking:

I am curious if anyone has more plots attached to a single beacon than that. I am sure there is.

Yes in my Build on Tanna VII i have over 300 plots on one beacon inside a mountain.

or could you mean more than 100 plots away from said beacon IE a 1 tall 100 wide plot

Yeah, that’s what I want to know. Do plots unplot themselves automatically if they’re a certain plot number away from the plot the master beacon is in with no other beacons being used.

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That’s a great question hope the overlords will bless us with the knowledge.


so if that is your question, my questions is what the hell do you need to build that could potentially be 200 x 200 plots wide. (assuming you could go 100 plots noret and 100 plots south of your beacon.)

Let’s just say I want to know the limits of how far you can stretch plots with a single beacon in a straight line away from it. If additional beacons extend that limitation, I want to know.

Knowing this limit lets me plan projects out better for when more content is brought into the game, such as airships, titans, dungeons, farming, fishing, rental worlds, etc. etc. and anything else the devs decide to plan or think about putting into the game.

I currently have 1093 plots attached to a beacon and I don’t believe there is a limit to how far plots can go.

@Cakengrad Jesus christ that alot of plots

A single beacon could cover the entire planet.


James, thank you. That’s exactly the answer I was hoping for. :slight_smile: