Beacon ranks and Tokens

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Here are my fore-warnings
1: This is my first Topic on the boundless forums… or any other forum to be honest.
2: Sorry if this has already been discussed and I missed it, please tell me if I did and I will remove/end it.
3: I will probably edit this quite frequently (Spelling and grammar)

Beacon ranks

At the moment when you share a beacon with another player they are given access to;

  • Storage.
  • Doors.
  • Machines.
  • Warp conduits.
  • Terrain editing.

However they can’t

  • Edit beacon plots.
  • Use beacon control.
  • Contribute their plots to your beacon (Ends up with confusing places such as the Temple in Pixel gate)

What I am suggesting here is that as owner you can modify each member of your beacon to give or remove access to part of your beacon (This will also tie in with guilds when they are introduced)


The second part of this that I am suggesting is some changes to tokens and also a few new ones.

Existing tokens

  • Portal tokens, At the moment I think these fulfill their purpose perfectly and don’t need any changes.
  • Location markers, At the moment I don’t see much purpose to these other than for temporary portals. My suggestion to improve these is to make it so that a player can convert a marker into a saved location. This would mean that if you are trying to share a mine or far off location with a friend you can simply give them a token which they can then use and set as a marker.

New token

  • Permission token, These are an extension of the beacon permissions suggestion. To use these an owner of a beacon would create one of these to give to another player, for example you could create a door access token for your mine beacon and then sell it in a plinth. If a player wanted to use your mine they could then buy a token and use it which would add them to your beacon with that specific permission, In this case Door access. Using this players could create paid warp links, Sell access to mining locations, Create premium shop areas or even make a museum.

Thanks for reading! If you have any ideas on how this could be improved or potential problems feel free to reply. I usually check the forums once or twice a day and I will try to respond as quickly as possible. (^-^)/

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Welcome to the forums, @Redpawa!

Beacon privileges will be expanded with the implementation of guilds;

The Location Markers you mentioned, I might be getting my wires crossed here, but you can already turn saved locations into markers and hand them to friends, or do you mean something else?


Thanks for the welcome!
Also thank you for linking the beacon privileges, I had a feeling that it had been discussed somewhere but I couldn’t find it.

Sorry if I set that up in a hard to understand order (I’ll separate the existing markers from my suggested one). By Location marker you are right, I am meaning the one in game at the moment. What I was trying to suggest is the ability to consume them and convert the markers location into a location saved to your player. (So you can set it as a destination)


You can already do that i think (if i get it right).

If you consume a position marker (put it your hand and use it), it add the position to your list.


No problem. Some topics are harder to find than others, and some are outdated anyway.

I must be having one of my dense mornings, either that or we’re speaking on crossed wires. Here’s a location in my list of locations;

I can craft that location into a Location Marker, like so;

The Marker is then put into my inventory. I can trade this with other players, sell it, throw it at a Spitter, or consume it;

The location will then turn up in the location list of whoever consumes it;

Is that what you mean?


i think that the very last one you suggested is a very good idea as it allows players to create tunnel access booths which players have to by a token to go into the tunnel and could be used as a way for guilds to create public workstations as all you have to do is make a token and it can be used to gain access to the smelter.

also you could create private bars/clubs which you need one of those tokens to gain access too which would be really cool

I think you understand perfectly now. Sorry that it was worded a bit weirdly.

Also, @Heureka I don’t think you can but if you can add a location through a token and if you are right sorry about that.