Beacon reclaim storage

Hello I reclaimed my base about a week ago and have been taking stuff out of it to build my new home. After getting sufficient storage I decided to start pulling everything out. Its a very slow process on ps4 press r2 to move a item to your inventory brings up a search bar kinda makes it take a long time. That’s not the main problem though now as ive been pulling things out I get a loading storage icon and doesn’t let me move anything else. Its very frustrating any help or suggestions would be appreciated . thank you

When this happens, I exit the game & steam, then re-start and you can continue reclaiming items. They’ve got a fix coming in the next update.

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Thank you vex I’ll try that next time I’m on wish I could pull everything out of storage that will fit in my inventory with 1 button. I have 1200 items so it’s very tedious.

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No problem :blush:
It can definitely take awhile to move everything out. I had over 5k items on my last reclaim. When I saw each color of grass seed, soil, & foliage separated out…:dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:
I wondered if my mouse would survive lol