Beacon sieging

Since I´ve found no thread regarding to this topic i decided to create a forum account and make one by myself.

In most of the games i play i focus on the PvP part of gameplay(like bg/arena in WoW, Campaign PvP in The Elder Scrolls Online and many other MMOs/Sandbox games) therefore im planing to be a PvP player in Oort online aswell,

So i´ve got some thoughts how a beacon siege could work:

1. The attacking group/guild has to place something like an anti-beacon device near to the beacon border(1st this could act as a respawn point for the attackers, maybe with limited respawn capacity, 2nd should this device cost plenty of materials/Oort shards to craft (maybe different sized ones for single player beacons and for guild beacons[if there will be one])

2. As soon as the anti-beacon device is planted everyone “friendly” or “enlisted” to the anti-beacon can build/destroy everything inside the defenders beacon, as long as the anti-beacon is alive (It could need Oort shards as “fuel” to stay active and additional shards for every respawn, but could be also destroyed by a sortie(i hope google translator got that right) of the defender.

The goal of the siege:

For the attacker: Get to the beacon of the defender and destroy it,then the “safezone” of the beacon will disapear and it will be impossible to build a new beacon at this location for 24/12/6 hours.-> your city is gone/destroyed/ruins.
For the defender: Destroy the anti-beacon device or defend until it gets too costly for the attacker to fuel his anti-beacon device. If you succeed with your defend there should/could be some kind of restore option that sets everything inside the beacon back to the shiny state it had before the siege.

Now to some questions that might occured:

All people in my guild are from the same timezone, what if someone attacks while everyone is asleep?
Here comes the reinforcement system that EvE online uses in play. If your beacon gets destroyed the first time you have a few hours time to repair it/set up your defense/call your guildmates or friends for help. Then for the next ~8 hours the attacker can win the siege untl you get your next “extra repair”. With this system the issue with the different timezones should be minimized.

But what if I´m no PvP player and I want that my buildings are always safe?
The easiest way to take care of the PvE player would be to simply add PvP/PvE worlds so everyone can play how she/he wants.
A different way would be to add something like an overclocking option to the beacons. While overclocked it could be impossible to start sieging the beacon but it would also need Oort shards or some other material as fuel (this could also work as some kind of save while you are on vacation).

This were my ideas to a potential siege system in Oort online.
What are your thoughts about this?
Do you generally want a sieging system on Oort online and if you want one, what do you thing about my ideas?


I’m strongly against any kind of action that leads to a beacon being destroyed or removed by anyone who is not the player who created it in the first place. The beacon is meant to provide a safe haven, a place which you claimed as yours and that to some point you can call home. If I’d be in position where I had to live in constant fear that one day the place that I chose for myself and the beacon that was guarding it are destroyed by someone else, I’d be enraged and upset at the same time.
Do note beacon owners do not stay in them 24/7. What if someone decides to raid your location while you’re offline? How are you supposed to defend what’s yours in this case?

Implementing some sort of additional “overclock” feature to just make sure your place stays safe is a bad idea too, I think. It’s like having to constantly deal with bullies that tell you “Give us your X, or you’ll get rekt”. This is how I see it, in any case.


The Idea of the Tool to attack other beacons and to destroy the interriors is good, but nothing should be permanent. I think it would also be fun to lay the fort in ruins even if it is “regenerated” later. There could be a good reward for doing that so that the attacker is still satisfied (for example the winner gets a good percentage of the money saved in the guildbank of the loser). But to have the option to remove the beacon forever or to let the building in ruins without a repair function would be bad, especially if considering the differences in time zones.

Better would be a system where you only can attack a fort if the players of that guild are online (may be with a declaring of war) so that they have the chance to defend.

Also, there must be a system which stops to big guilds just to overrun smaller ones. I remember there was a thread about this where someone had the idea that only guilds with a certain level/size can be attacked or declare war.

If there is something which can be fought for and which should be flexible in ownership it should be like world spots which give a bonus to the owning guild (like a income per hour) but which are known to be taken over by others again. This could be peaks of mountains or underground caves with some nice crystal ressource for example … but that is just a quick idea of me :wink:


That’s an horrible Idea… You cant destroy the beacon, the guardian of your City! :scream:
I hope that’ll never be used. Even if you set PvP on in your Town, your Town itself should never bee destroyed! Thats the most horrofying thing you can think of as an Player that will only lead to People getting so freaking depressed about such things, that they loose the will to create something, because not even an beacon can protect your building.

No I disagree with ANYTHING close to that…

yepp, nothing should be permanent. I would like to see something like …

if you attack another beacon (with a costly antibeacon) you can build and destroy (destroy much slower then normal) to siege the enemy, BUT … you can only do that for a fixed time (max 30 mins) and then your builded stuff goes away quick (like in a minute) and all the other stuff which originally was in the beacon regenerates in max 10-30 minutes after the attack to the full state before.

that would be cool, but fair.

@Vastar Can you explain how PvP sieges work in other games? What happens to the structures?

The issue with destruction in Oort is that players will spend weeks, even months, creating their fortresses, by hand, one block at a time. To enable other players to bypass the Beacon and destroy your stuff…we’re not just talking rage quits here, players are going to be legitimately furious. I don’t think that can be an option, not for the main game anyway (but if we’re talking about custom servers, then by all means let’s keep talking!)

Minecraft has great self-regenerating PvP zones on customized player-owned servers, but they don’t function as persistent worlds – they are instanced versions of a map that gets loaded only long enough for the fight (time limit or play to a certain score), then gets completely for the next group. Some allow you to build and destroy blocks, and others don’t.

It’s not even clear if playerbuilding regeneration will be a thing, thats an complex thing to programm in first place and I dont think that will be an thing. But I hope so.

yeah, if there is a possible function which saves the beacon interrior when the battle starts it could be quite easy done (like i said: IF! :wink: ), but that is also a matter the devs have to think about, jepp :wink:

Thing thing, Thing-thing-thing Thing Thingthing ThinG!

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Oh what just came into my mind, There is no way the Beacon could regenerate if there is no beacon… hes also talking about destroying beacons… how should it remember anything after being deleted?

I took the idea from EvE online, the PvP there focuses heavily on controlling solar systems in an immensive universe(1 server worldwide).
And if another cooperation(guild) manages to take down your SOV (something simmilar to an Oort beacon) you bassically loose everything (upgrades for that beacon, rights to build in that system, your storgage and so on). So its possible for a 100 player guild to loose 1000+ hours of work if they dont care for their defense.

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Thats just… horrible… it really is the worst Idea for an MMO I ever heard… and I did hear a lot of things. I’ll never play EVE Online now…

@Vastar Okay, so assuming you could have a dedicated PVP server that is separate from the main game (which the devs have absolutely mentioned support for), how would you have it work? Just like you described?

The biggest point here is that PvE and PvP worlds would need to be separate. There are definitely some interesting ideas with this, but for players like my husband and I this is not something we would be interested in. We’ll be looking at the exploration, building and the other aspects of the game. I don’t see us being happy with the idea of having to maintain any specific thing other than getting a beacon set up just to keep from being attacked. That puts more pressure on us, and would more than likely pull us away from taking care of other things on any given day because of the shards needed to maintain protection.

For those who love PvP, I hope there are worlds just for you so that you can have your epic battles!

If you succeed with your defense it would regenerate/get in its original state( restore damaged walls and things simillar to that) and if the attacker succeeds the beacon gets deleted.

Sorry if i didnt made this clear in my post.

So if you loose then you have to rebuild everything by hand…thats… no I cant even on an PvP Server… No the time and effort someone puts in an Building, is getting smashed by some kids playing badass cause their mom isnt giving enough love… no… :disappointed:

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This makes oort into a sort of factions MC. I would hate that. The point of beacons is to keep your building safe, and they wouldn’t be very good at that if this were the case. While it may be a fun aspect to certain games, I don’t think it will work well in oort. Besides, It’s basically a system that says “if you do this, then you can grief! yay grief everything”
I’m probably going to be a solo player, and this would really suck to have little trolls ruining everything.
That said, I could always just go live on a non pvp world right? Yah, but where’s the fun in that? I want to be in the action, I just don’t want that action to destroy my towns. If you want a seige you could do it the old fashioned way where you just surround a beacon with your players and kill anyone trying to leave. Could be more fun that way anyways.

Well, I didnt expect that everyone is that scared of loosing his builds.
I always thought a mechanic like that is a must have for a survival/sandbox game (starting with a basic “smashing a stone against the opponents door” mechanic that Rust and its clones have going to complex sieging systems like in EvE Online).
If a beacon is 100% save then everything inside, beside chests/crafting stations comes down to decoration. That would mean that all those castles and frotresses everyone builds are nice to look at but useless.

And where should the action happen?

So you prefer beeing stuck in your base instead of fighting for it if you are in the role of the defender?

Well, keep in mind that most of the active forum members right now are hardcore builders.

This makes oort into a sort of factions MC.

Remind me, how did that work?

I used to play tons of PvP Minecraft in terms of minigames like Capture the Flag and Survival Games, and those were super fun. I’d love to see a dedicated Oort server for that kind of thing, and I know other people would too.