Beacon warning description

When receiving a beacon warning it still states protect from looting and regeneration.

Yea I know. Just letting devs know so they can make change in future.

I responded before reading the whole post to clarity. So i removed my previous comment. @_@


For clarify, could you post a screenshot of this?

I will not have a beacon expiring again for atleast 7 weeks. Is their a short duration beacon fuel on testing?

I had this warning pop up when i reclaimed a beacon yesterday. Wasn’t aware of this topic existing so didn’t take a screenshot.

Yea it’s a thing used to seeing so didn’t think twice till it was to late for me to screenshot it


Thanks for the screenshot @HOST.

Just to confirm @Ratchel, was the issue about the message being out of date now that the reclaim system is in place?


you’re welcome, the screenshot i took was from 2-3 days ago

Yes the outdated message was what I was bringing up :+1:

Thanks for confirming, I’ve added this to the bug database.

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