Beaconing the infiniplexx!


Yeah that fits right in with what I’m saying. It’s situational.

This isn’t some guy who messed around for a little it, got distracted, and lost his first build along with a little bit of hard won loot. It’s someone who pretty much played it out and got tired of the game.

Someone already mentioned trying to contact him in discord, so hopefully he’ll chime in soon.

This cracks me up. If anyone is hard up for some basic torches, let me know :rofl:


I took most of the junk and about 1m prestige worth of various blocks. I’m turning the rest over to someone who is trying to build a city.

The creature trophies and 54 rough gems from upstairs went into my storage directly but a good t6/7 hunt would cover that pretty well.

For those curious the best items here (imo) were a stack of 845 rough topaz, almost 500 spooky seeds, and close to a smart stack of deco gems, mostly topaz.

@Crete I’ll let this stuff sit in storage in case you pop up in the next week or two and want to start something up again.


@Crete answeredd my discord pm and this is direct paste what he saud

Thx for the heads up! I have moved on for now from Boundless, everything that was mine is fair game! I hope the game is still going well tho! I’ll contact Nightstar on the forums, let him know finders keepers


I was wondering why the road disappeared outside the galaxy cruiser.


damn I just came back after 2 months away tree planting and was shocked to see everything had disappeared :open_mouth:


Following up on this. Does any one know who Astarte is? I saw them in the hub twice and have not seen them since. I don’t see a forum user by that name, or one on discord.


What hub? Do they have builds you’ve seen? What planet was it on?


Last time I checked (earlier when i was putting up this thread) this was the person that had beaconed the remains of crete’s main base on beckon and thus also the hubbit hub there.

I’ve never seen them in game.


Correct, the plots in question are the site of the old concrete corner store. Next to the central hub on Aqua on Beckon. Does anyone know who runs manages the Hubbit Network. It might be easier to reach out to them.

If Astarte or whoever your main is, is reading this. My interest is in the first three plots, the ones not currently in use for the hub connector. I would like to buy them to reconstruct the store as a decorative piece.