Beaconing the infiniplexx!


imagine my surprise when I saw this falling!

Looter’s delight lol I got most of what was left of it beaconed after i realized there was no way to salvage it as fast as it was decaying.

If you have interest in properties around infinity city come on down the streets are going too.

I’m not giving away anything that I have beaconed right now but there’s a ton of road blocks and who knows what else going if crete has missed fueling his beacons.

Someone might run by his workshop on beckin just in case?


good reason to have 400 extra plots on hand LOL

crazy - i have no idea how much i missed


Pretty sure his former workshop and whatnot on beckon is now beaconed by astarte


Good catch


So @Crete let his stuff go huh. He also used to have a place in the gmall. Dunno if he still did recently tho.


Oh yeah crete’s maxx forge - i knew he was hand fueling but didn’t expect this.

Came home from a rakra hunt and realized there were holes in the road.

So far nothing TOO awesome,. a stack of 845 rough topaz and almost 500 spooky seeds. probably less than 30k coin.

2.5m prestige wirth of machined and deco blocks though, and that’s just what I caught, with the roads it was sitting at about 4.5m prestige. Probably 1/3 to 1/2 the building is gone.


Aah more builds lost to regen. This is sad.


Agreed. I walk by way too many disintegrating beacons for comfort these days.


Yeah crete was no slouch either. He rebuilt this place from 2.x million to 4.x million in the weeks before he stopped playing and that’s been six months.

He was viceroy when I built next to him.


You have any idea who is that? Astarte. I have been trying to contact him/her past 3 months


She/he has plots next to my shop on beckon :persevere:


Yes. Well its weird cannot seem to find him/her so i think its someones alt .


I do not, but i see they have beaconed what’s left of crete’s shop and also the hubbit hub on beckon.

No idea if it was a lucky catch or they know crete either. Although i think he had more of a tower there and now it’s only like half a plot high? Again not sure I’ve only been by there a long time ago.

Looters Dream?


Probably not a looters dream lol. Came across a beacon with a shard storage like my Oort storage room but it was all single pieces of the Oort shards unlike SS in mine



Nice to get 11 feathers but overall i’ve had better hunts.

I’m starting to get a feel for what’s here and TBH i also have a LOT more machined iron than this sitting in my cabinets right now.

These are condensed though:

ofc :joy: lol


Typical placeholders for easy sorting i guess.
And i should go out more ;/
Let me know ifyou Need a Hand looting and for sure let me know when you unbeacon so Maybe the normal Building mats can be salavaged ::wink:


Yeah he was making some kind of market.

I sent crete a PM about some idle plots a few weeks ago, who knows if he’s done or what, maybe he will tell us. I learned in late january/early february he was fueling manually but I’m not sure if the timing is right for a greater beacon fuel about now, i think it would be a few weeks past.

The infiniplexx has been the centerpiece of the city since i started playing, and I’ve always held it as a sort of monument. TBH though now that I’ve been grinding pretty hard for longer than he did at the time this was put up, it’s sort of like peeling back a filter.

It was a nice build and an impressive amount of work. Three months or so after release it was one of few things I saw done on this scale. At this time though compared to a lot of what the busy builders have done in game, it’s - well - less impressive.

Anyways a lot of the lesser items are going into a single spot in my storage. If he shows up in the next couple weeks he’ll be able to recover most of his stuff. Not all though I only managed to beacon a little over half the place. And some of the items that are few in number I’ve thrown directly into my sorting cabinets.

Boundless life, it is what it is :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you, this makes me feel good. Wouldn’t have even crossed the minds of players in pretty much every other MMO community I’ve known; the place would’ve just been ransacked without hesitation. This is the kind of community we need to continue to foster to keep Boundless special. :+1:


I’ve got a range of reactions to this post lol. I don’t need this stuff, for some people this would be a game changing moment. That’s an important difference in how people will react.

All of the loot from the infiniplexx fits into one wall of my storage room, except some of these soil and trunk blocks I’m tossing into shop stands. I have too much stuff to sort through already lol.

I’ve just about got all the shop stands down, these little amounts add up. There was almost 149k there. So that plays into the same thing about circumstances. I see people saying it’s a struggle to make 10k prestige and I can’t imagine, being in that boat, that I would be so easygoing about this sum of coin.

It’s very circumstantial. Some people mentioned that the most polite thing to do would be to plot what’s left and give him a chance to come back for it.

I’m just saying, if you let a 4 million prestige beacon with a bunch of loot expire, i couldn’t really blame someone for snatching it up, especially if it changes their game so much for the better.

I did hang around crete for a few days when he was playing, he was very polite and always offering help to others. If he had been a different sort of person, my attitude would be different as well.

Also inthe end someone who has shared an expired beacon with me before, is going to get some of these blocks. He knows crete as well though, so if this is really a situation where a life emergency or something got in the way, Crete will be welcomed back.

I suspect he’s just let it go though, since he was already idling and eager for titans - in December.

Overall, it makes for an interesting day.


I mean, you’re obviously a lot closer to the situation than I am haha. My first build in Boundless got ate up by world regeneration, and it was entirely my fault. It was kinda devastating to a semi-new player. Obviously now, 10 rebuilds later, I couldn’t care less what happened to all that stuff, but it really sucked at the time. So that’s kinda where I was coming from with that comment.

In any case, glad it sounds like it’s taken care of. :ok_hand: