Beacons force expired with Gleam Club still active by an Admin

Obviously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I started a thread to this effect once and a poorly worded title caused me to get flamed into the dirt by people thinking i wanted a way to take someone else’s plots.

If I was trolling I would probably ‘take my medicine’ but I’m the type to admit when I’ve been a ■■■■. Just logging in with no contact or context and finding my paid for beacons deleted with no explanation would send me THROUGH THE ROOF.

Not making any judgement here as 99.99% of the time it seems these sort of posts are missing (leaving out) some relevant info.

I personally feel that if an infraction of some kind has been committed that is severe enough for the devs to forcibly take plots, there should be no problem with them clarifying the issue. Then again I don’t see anything wrong with naming out scammers, extortionists, etc… so take that for what it’s worth.


I would have a panic attack if I suddenly find some of my plots gone with no warning beforehand.

I didn’t know beacons were removed by admins following reports (and I have been unjustly banned by vindictive players in the past in other games over unknown rules).

Is ‘inactivity’ the deciding factor for removal? With the pace of my projects often misjudged by others as “not active”, some of my areas might be misjudged as such, when activity is subject to opinion, opinions of my activity are often misjudged as inactive.

How can I avoid having my beacon deleted by an admin? I want to know the rules on this. What rule did the OP break? I want to make sure I dont break that rule.


ALL of this minus Kralith.

Anyone else saying “trust the devs”…that works until it is you, then I bet you’d lose your everloving mind


Edit: Long story short, yeah, I have lost a lot more than just something I built in a game.

It hurts to lose stuff I wanted to keep.

I want to obey. I dont want to lose what I spent my time on.
But I cant obey if I’m unaware of the rule that decides why a beacon has to be forcibly removed.


At the end of the day, this statement says it all, right or wrong… “We reserve the right to delete any in game content without notice.


For legal purposes, yes that is correct, however when it comes to the Bottom Line, it can be unhealthy for them to do such things willy nilly, which is why it is in the best interest of the bottom line and player Retention, for them to explain the situation to the involved parties, and at some point find a way to give notice of such things.

At the end of the day, yes they have the legal right to do whatever they want, and sink their ship in the process if they take it too far.

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Yes, I was not commenting on the situation itself, as I am just a bystander… and explanations are always good, just not required… especially if I am not one of the parties involved in the situation.


Really, someone’s gonna bring out the “…we reserve the right…”? Really?

What a lovely aura this pathetic trash fire is irradiating. Really. :fire:


Wow, so great to see this many people stirred up by my injustice! Thanks to everyone who has a modicum of understanding for my situation.

Now just to clear a few things up:

  1. I did no put the title with “force” or “by an admin” , a mod changed it to that. Originally I just thought this was some sort of bug until james told me my beacons were deleted purposefully.
  2. I have had these beacons plotted for about three months, they were surrounding nothing, infact they were completely surrounded by Axon.
  3. I have not visited these beacons or spoken to whoever reported them since I plotted them.
  4. The issue seems moot as james stopped replying to my direct messages, after accusing those beacons of being griefing and an annoyance, I doubt I will ever see my issue handled professionally.

Again, thanks for everyones insite. Have a good remainder of your day.


Well at least they should tell you why it was removed and just saying “griefing” or something is not ok to say… it should be said as it is…did you plot something someone wanted? Or so… whats the deal hopefully you get answer that you can possibly avoid some other beacons being removed.

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These types of threads stop the confidence I have in the developer, and trust is essential if I am paying a monthly subscription to keep my beacons and plots. This thread tells me that it doesn’t matter if you have not broken any of the rules of the code of conduct.

Can my plots be eliminated because someone else considered that this land was theirs without having plotted it before? As far as is known, the land belongs to the one who plots it before. There is no rule in the code of conduct that says you cannot plot an entire island or forest if you want to do so and leave it without building a very large amount of time.

It’s not like that? Because I have a forest almost completely plotted that I have built very little so far for lack of time, and when I build, I do not plan to build much on those plots because I want to do it as a kind of natural park with some very naturalistic paths in the forest and some ruined construction like some ancient civilization …

I hope not to go to the forest one day and find that my plots are no longer there, when I have not even been monopolizing forest resources because the plots are above the trees so that the forest can regenerate… Just because a player close to a developer decides that he likes the place and the plots have been taken from me following the rules of law that developers keep to remove the plots without prior notice and without giving you explanations …

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I reviewed the beacons with @Leahlemoncakes and we agreed they were placed with the sole purpose of griefing another player and that action should be taken.

(As the beacons were completely empty, containing no blocks, no prestige and even over water - they were removed and the plots returned to the player.)

Beacons that are placed to grief another player will be removed.


So that basically includes zoned beacons that for example keep water surface safe and so on
For example i built a bridge and i want to keep the river open and free of builds.

Chances are that that beacon will get reported and deleted for the same reasons. (just sayin) :wink:. Did understand its not just one dev that decides.

But as it comes down to it claimed zones have to be build in other wise they hava chance to be removed.

@james i am a annoying guy i know ^^ sorry about that still love the entire dev team.

This is the key, what conditions have you taken into account to decide this? The specific reason for this case.

It is good that you do not want to make rigid rules and prefer to study case by case, I see it perfect. But saying that they caused pain to another person, without specifying the reason why this happens, tells us nothing.

It does not give us information about what you consider the developers to afflict another player and what not.

According to the OP, it seems that the rules of conduct in this case do not seem to be breached, unless we do not have all the information in the case, which is what I suppose happens, but it is something we need to know, for a matter of transparency.

Until then, to say that it causes pain to another person without specifying why, it is similar to the police stopping me because I have supposedly skipped some law, but it does not tell me what law I have skipped. Without knowing the reason, there can be no defense, and without possible defense, the resolution of the conflict still seems very arbitrary.


before the prestige of others could be absorbed without warning to anyone, so there were many trolls, until they solved it with the reservations, but when setting the option to activate-deactivate, automatically all beacons have the option of reserves, deactivated That’s why they can still absorb you, but if they absorb me and I don’t want it to happen, they talk to the developers to erase the beacon that takes less time, if no agreement has been reached previously by either party, I think the developers are doing a great job with this, in lamblis for example, it has been noticed as they have dropped in prestige, since it was not theirs and the owner claimed it, I understand that the one who put plots to absorb him, ends up losing his plots, is The most logical, to avoid all this, one tip is that you build alone, separated from everyone and do not surround anyone, play and let play and you will not have problems

Im sorry but this is messed up, the player should have been contacted and allowed to remedy the situation from their end whatever the issue is, so basically now if your plots aggravate a large enough guild and they all work together to report your beacon to bad? But when large guilds do it to a small group of players or solo players its fair game gotta love that double standard.


With the aggravating fact that real money is being paid for a subscription that should protect those plots, but you still get up one day and your beacon is gone.

So, what does this subscription service really offer if you can remove plots or beacons without a defense option?

I really do not plan to renew the subscription if this is not clarified in a transparent way.