Beacons I may need to move for anyone

When I first started and we didn’t have the ability to go home free from when out on a planet my son and I placed outposts and beacons to have a place to port to when lost, Which to me happened often at the start.

My name on beacons would be either Egora or EgoraII and for my son MadDoctor. If you see them and they are in your way, you need the plots, contact me here and I will be more than willing to remove them. someone may have expanded or even built a road in that area and need the plots.

We have beacons and also outposts. So, let me know if they are in the way. No problem in taking them up. Unless on Till, then have to nag son to go there unless there are now wide roads to travel on. The lava freaks me out, Yes, I’m a big baby over lava, don’t like dying in it and seem to fall a lot into it. Balance issues even in playing, hand jerks when playing due to some neurological problems or maybe old age LOL .

I have GC so they will never go out.


Not sure if you know this but if you are simply using it for a place to warp to, the beacon itself can be deleted and your beacon location will always be in your list (until you delete it from your beacon list) so even if someone builds there later you can still warp there. Even if they set their beacon to not let people warp there, you will be taken to the nearest location that you can warp to. This was a nuisance that happened super often just after launch and not a lot of people knew you could do and we ended up with live but unused beacons all around portal hubs.


put mailboxes thats what they there for

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I am going to just hunt up the ones I don’t need anymore and take everything I want and leave the rest to regen. Not much is at any of them. a building the size of a plot, crafting table, some storage bins, maybe a machine and that is it. We were new and use them lots of time to just hold some items we didn’t have room for when we saw a meteorite, so it will have things like berries, items from plants, sap, maybe bones, tallow and hide, things that are easy to get now.

There were usually made of just the black stone with the plain doors and some torches for light. We would each have one, maybe two no more than three plots.

I won’t need them for anything nor will he. We haven’t even been near them for months, three of the cities that had portals close by even closed down and we had to travel further to get to them.