Beacons Lost to UI Changes

Hello Together,

I am sorry but i am pissed… i am really really pissed.
I took a break for a while from the Game and had all of my Beacons on my Mains Beaconlist, so i just had to log in and if something was about to run out i got this message in the left corner that i have to refuel…
Now for some weird reason the Devs changed that and i didnt get notifications for Beacons that are
not owned by the Char anymore… WTF? I lost 4-5 Beacons to this Change because i trusted your notifications…

Why? WHY? This is not Okay… Do i really have to check Patchlogs all the time, for an released Game, to make sure you guys dont change something and i loose everything to that (again)?

I feel like you guys are just trying to push People into buying Gleamclub, out of fear they could loose their ■■■■.
I think you guys know how illegal that would be…

@james I want Satisfaction, you guys are the reason i lost my ■■■■, so what are you going to do to break even?

Nobody is pushing anybody

of course the would like people to buy GC. Why wouldn’t they?

I am sorry about your beacons…mistakes happen…but I doubt it is some sinister plot to make you a GC member.


Understand your frustration. I have about 30 beacons over 3 characters (used to be more).
I am sure i will have more beacons over time as I continue to build and like to zone everything.

That said just because i am lazy and know I won’t check my beacons very often i have gleamclub. Also this way i only have to remember the date it ends and extend it. Even if I temporarily move on to a other game.

To be completely honest. The cost of gleamclub is nothing compared to the money i spend at an other game.
Counting game purchase and DLC alone for a year, for most games money spend adds up to boundless and GC for almost 1,5 years.

So honestly if you want to keep everything without GC. Make notes in your agenda of every beacon and when it expires.

Lastly games get updated with new features and mechanics and features/mechanics get updated to improve or add upon. (I am not dismissing flaws).
So if you don’t want surprises you have to keep updated about the game.
And can’t complain about changes made if you where not involved in or with that game during that time.

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I guess I missed that change because I’m still getting notifications about low beacons on my list that don’t belong to me? Got one right now for a friend’s beacon that’s got five days and change left. Hmm… :thinking:

Ouch. Good luck getting it sorted out.


Same here, my one friend’s beacon I’m keeping alive notifies me. Sorry though OP, def not saying I don’t believe you but maybe it’s a glitch? I would lose my mind if I lost a beacon out of nowhere.

Fondername!! Good to see you bro!

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Lol i told my friend “I aint going to keep your beacons alive” don’t mind to go and fuel an aligned beacon if i come across one. But my friend used my materials for his build, and probably won’t come back.

So i told him either get gleamclub or ill tear everything down. Im not going to fuel his 20+ beacons.
Im to lazy to watch mine :smile: so why should i risk losing all those materials when I forget to fuel all his beacons.
Especially if it happens when i take a small break or just can’t play.

Dutch!! What is up? I went by KB yesterday. Whoa!!! Looks Amazing

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