Beacons: really important question for me

So, i wanted to buy the game but then i saw that founders will get increased range for their beacons. My question is will “normal” player be able to place more than one beacon in order to get more protected land? Or can every player just place down one beacon. If this is the case im not gonna buy the game. Because for me it would be like pay2win. Founders would get 25-200% more range and i think this is pretty unfair.

Its just a question. Sry for my bad english.

Actually that’s a good question.

I don’t know, but I think they should make it be the maximum size you can have. So maybe you can have 4 beacons but you can’t put them next to each other. So a founder gets a bigger space TOGETHER and you get the same space in a few groups.

Well i think its a little fair as the devs have talked about letting use combine our beacons to make them bigger with friends and also a credit like system to where if we work in our beacons then we can make them bigger

Also for the +200% beacon range they are paying $5,000 and only 10 people will get it. So if we have a way to recycle beacon-ed land say if they owner in inactive for a year or 2 then the beacon comes down or gets infested by mobs which have to be cleared before taking it over >:3

I think it sounds somewhat fair.

well that is what pay2win means. The player who can afford it will be better. The player who cant wont be that good.

Pay to win? It’s just a beacon. Technically you don’t even need one to play the game, so it has nothing to do with paying to win. And also as Grey mentioned, the Devs have said that beacons can be enlarged by more people, so everyone still has a shot at a large beacon.
Again, not a necessity item, you can still play the game and build without one. I figured the real perks to the higher tier accounts was the extra access keys and the world builder. Everything else is more like a “Thank you for supporting our game development.”


Yes and even with the extra keys only one will get all the perks from that tier and the people that can get thous are limited once there gone no one else can have them. So if thous players stop playing then no one can do it anymore and there are other ways to get bigger beacons that match the size of the mega ones and like Lycankind said there not a necessity item

If it means anything to you, those who pay more are paying for a virtual product, so while they may be better at Oort, wait till the power goes out and see who has more money then.

well the people that buy the more costly option probably have the income source to do so -.-

im sure there not worried about not being able to pay the power bill

All players will be able to build multiple beacons and decide where they deploy their claims. They can share with other players to build bigger structures, towns, cities, forts and environments, or scatter their beacons across worlds if they want to explore.

Players will need to earn their beacon claims as they progress in the game. So there is no insta-huge beacon. But players claims will be ultimately limited - else players could claim entire servers and worlds.

We would need to define “winning” in OO. I’m not sure having the biggest “build” is winning. (It would be like saying the person with the biggest hard disk has the best computer. Kindof. But not really.)

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Pretty sure @Tahru has enough to support his whole family still.

@OP, Right now this isn’t about pay 2 win a larger beacon. We’re all just supporting the devs to make the game.

Also, I remember seeing a post somewhere in the old forums saying that the beacons will gradually grow to its maximum size. It’s not like you’re going to get a 200x200 forcefield in a snap, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about. In the end though, land is land. Once you mine all the resources inside your beacon, all you have now is a blank canvas to work on. If you want to build a citadel, collab with a group or join a guild.


Nobody here wants anything pay 2 win. The entire concept of beacon is under development. The development team wants to support multi-player cities, guilds and friend play. I honestly feel that when all is said and done, the increased beacon range with have little significance if any at all. We wouldn’t even use beacons for the game play if it was not for malicious humans.

If the underlying reason for the question is meant to ask if there could be a p2w direction in the future, that has been recounted by the developers on a number of occasions.

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Indeed my thoughts exactly!

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well. that and the fact that worlds delete nonbeaconed stuff xD

there is that too of course but it offers other possibilities too as regaining resources in the region

It is needed that we regenerate the terrain ofc. but just dont build outside of beacons XD

Technically beacons are not important to the progression they just help to make sure that people don’t destroy your buildings.

well if I am not happy with my builds I just surrender them to world and grievers. They will get wiped away eventually

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its going to be very nice not to have all of those 1 block towers, i sometimes use them too if i need to get up, but i usually use the block that its close to and then go up along the side of a cliff or something.

but i really look forward to seeing how the regeneration of worlds work :smiley:


alright thanks!

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