Beacons Survey Results

very good idea

first the question is if the the grid still in use ? or we can place beacons free ?

i hope this too

if you start building you must every time first watch if you can build here because the grid system… other way it can be that you need 2 plots for a a street with 3-5 fields range as example

yes it should give a option that you can activate/deactivate snapping maybe with keyboard, as example with F11

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Should we make a new topic about this in #suggestions?

I think you meant Creations but somehow the linking doesn’t work.

about what ? over the snapping ?

Broken hashtagging is broken, that is supposed to say # suggestions

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I was unaware there was a survey, I just made my Beacon plotter and would have gladly offered my opinion :slight_smile: is there any way a world wide announcement could be made in game, like right after loading the game? For instance, when it says “Welcome to Yugen” there would also be an announcement of sorts. Could be useful in a variety of situations I would think.


Do you want players to be active just in a handful of worlds? Else with the current discussed amount of plots (111 at maximum) you would have much too less to be active on more worlds then that. (I declare activity in building creations and wanting to cover them in plots).

This would decrease the number of buildings (protected) by individual players even more, because you donate your plots to guild projects, which does not mean it has any specific use for yourself. So either you will rarely see big “protected” builds of guilds or players will not have much idividual creations loose from any guild.

I’d like the idea too, that a guild has the possibility to “protect” space regarding to their amount of members. But this space should not be donated by players.

I wrote a comment to make this “amount of room” a guild can occupy depending also on the acitivity of players.
Also the individual player plots could depend on players activitiy. That would prohibit ruins of occupied space that is long time not in use anymore and maybe occupy strategical or in other way interesting places.

Concretely i think of: if a player is offline for more then 2 month (this is just a random time i choose), then all his plots disappear (the occupyable area of a guild would shrink).

What do you think of that? this is not to be discussed in the comments, so i wrote down in this post.


It might decrease the number of smaller buildings but since the total space that can be beaconed stays the same it seems fair. If you want to build a big thing as a guild then everyone can contribute a one or two plots (or whatever unit we’ll use in the future).
So you’ll either see fewer but bigger builds or more but smaller builds. As you would expect anyway. The system makes it just easier to collaborate as a guild.

I’m torn on the subject here. On one hand I agree that the largest bills are likely to be from guilds. More hands can simply do more. On the other hand I hate the idea of telling a solo player that they can only protect so much of their work. I always prefer to make massive builds. And while no single project I’ve made could consume all the allotted beacons, or could easily be surpassed with a dedicated effort. Which will exist as it’s a persistent world.

On a tangent: I’ve noticed I’m actually reticent in placing any beacons in order to not draw attention to my location. Any build that is intended to be “secret” now has a flag that is visible to all.

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What if guilds/individuals could get a permit from the central guild to build a large structure, similar to getting a city permit? Individuals could be hired by the central guild to check up on these builds and see if the players are actually using the area for what they said they would. Getting a permit would allow you to build without using your own beacons. … I like the concept by I can already see a myriad ways to abuse the system

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is there currently an issue with beacon plotters? I created my beacon & a few plots, successfully. Then I attempted to create additional plotters, to expand - the next time i played. Now it’s creating tons of single plotters with “0” as the value - taking up all my inventory.

@olliepurkiss, @ben: Because we cite this topic in an other post and because there are still questions open i’d like to revive this topic. Can you please answer two questions.

i’ve asked my first question long ago at the beginning of this topic, but i don’t receive an answer yet …

My second question is about “guild beacon permissions” (or beacon permissions in general). Is ist possible for guilds and/or players to “rent” beacons from others ? Apart from protecting your possessions and creations are there other functionalities for beacons ? (sell, rent, stackable [player and guild can protect the same space - eg. guild city but player house])


This is a tricky one, but we’ve put a lot of thought into it, and we think we’ve come up with the fairest and best solution. A Guild (i.e. whoever has the correct privilege within the guild) can kick a player out of the Guild, but in doing so they give them back the beacons that they have donated. If the Guild doesn’t have enough available beacons then they cannot kick them out until they have freed up some beacons, or added some more. A player is not allowed to leave a guild of their own choice. This is because if the Guild doesn’t have the beacons available at the time then they would have to leave the beacons behind, and that is something that is not in the interest of the player. Given that being in a Guild is of no disadvantage to a player, it doesn’t seem like a problem that they cannot leave. This system makes joining a Guild something that must be carefully considered, but also prevents Guilds from easily being able to take advantage of players by taking their beacons and then kicking them out.

We’re not currently looking to allow renting or stackable beacons. You can sell them though, so if you wanted to build a city and sell people plots within it you could, but they would be a permanent transfer to them.


When saying transfer you mean as in the player who sold a plot would now have one freed plot to allocate and the player who bought a plot now has one used plot(expected he/she has any left), or will the player selling give a way from his total allowed plots adding to the player who buys?

Also I’m interested when such transaction happens in a beacon which has just one control block would the buying party have to place control block into the plot they bought so it won’t just disappear or would such beacons have to be bought as whole?

Sorry that, wasn’t very clear. I’ll explain with an example:

I make a beacon using my last five plots, and I now have no more left. I want to sell this piece of prime real-estate, and to do so I put a pay lock on it, and set the price I want. You then come along, inspect the pay lock and decide that you want to buy the beacon for that price. If you were to have less than five available beacon plots you wouldn’t be able to buy it, but luckily you have eight available, so you pay the money, and the beacon is now yours with everything in it under your control. You now have three beacon plots left, and I have five left.

I hope that explains it better.


Yes it does, thank you for taking the time to write the example.

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I think not allowing people to leave a guild would be quite a major designflaw, for various reasons
What if the guild leader turns out to be a jerk that doesn´t use the plots for their intended purpose?
What if the project changes direction mid-build and you don´t like the new idea?
What if I really want to leave a guild but the leader won´t kick me because he wants to keep my plots? Honestly I`d just start to grief the build until he´s forced to kick me…

I think a guild that has an insufficient amount of free beacon plots to give you back your invested beacons should behave like a bankrupt company. Meaning that if you leave a guild that doesn´t have enough free plots to pay you back the plots you donated to the guild it effectively has a “beacon-dept” to you. This would mean that all additionally donated plots directly go into your “plot pool” until the guild has paid off their depts to you. And only after a guild has paid all its depts it can increase its available beacon pool again.


This system could be extended by a rule that automatically closes guilds that have a too high dept %. (Just like the tax-office IRL)


I agree that not being able to leave a guild of your own volition is going to be a bit of a problem.

All I can personally see happening, is that guilds are going to start stating that you need to donate at least one beacon to be a member… and then prevent you from leaving. Or worse still holding your beacon(s) (and your freedom) to ransom.

This might also become an issue if you can only join a finite number of guilds… or will there be no cap on this?


I like this, well thought out.

An other thing popped in my mind regarding the beacon selling, would it be possible to dissect a huge beacon if it contained multiple control blocks(additional control blocks been added after the beacon have been expanded with additional plots)? If so how would the plots included to each control block would be decided?

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