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This is a No-Go for me … Let the sponored beacon plots be temporal still available for the left guild and then going back to the player, but not to be able to leave a guild is a good cause to never become a member. Sorry to be so direct, but this idea is worth some words which would be shown in tiny black blocks here in the forum :wink:


You could expant that and say that every time the beacon remove one of their beacon plots the plots would go towards their depts before themself.


I think that approach will be rife with abuse: form a guild, spam everyone you meet with an invite, place a bunch of beacons, kick them all. Boom, infinite beacons. Also, holding players’ beacons hostage

I think a simple tweak to “beacon oveedrafting” might fix it, though: prevent any modifications to beaconed plots until the guild has enough beacon slots. Give players their beacons back when they leave

My suggestion would just be an addition to @olliepurkiss system.
So this rule would still remain:


Well, the same behavior works in reverse: recruit a bunch of friends, have them donate a bunch of beacons, and then they all leave. Keep doing that with multiple guilds. Boom, infinite beacons.

You may have missed this part of @Vastar’s suggestion:

I still see some abuse that could happen with it. Say you join a guild of 5 players with 4 of your closest friends. Donate all of your beacons, wait for the guild to use them all, and then you leave. You can basically force dismantle guilds that way. But that’s an edge case. Maybe if there’s a delay between acquiring the debt and shutting down the guild it’d allow for the guild to gather more plots to save itself.

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This would also mean that your friends would reduce their private beacon pool since they don´t get their plots back until you´ve freed up some guild-plots. This system does not ‘gnerate’ any plots.

Maybe a 24h timer could be introduced before a guilds gets “auto-closed”. So that the guild leader has a chance to reduce the used plots in and adequate amount before the guild gets shut down.

Anyway, this is merely a rough suggestion I wrote up in less than 10 minutes so please don´t go into detail with it.
I´m sure that the devs would think about all those cases and find a solution for them if they´d decide to adapt the idea of my suggestion.


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