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I found a pretty decently sized area that me and my girlfriend would like to start building in but we are trying to figure out how beacons work. We’ve placed it down and used twelve beacon plotters but that has only made a dent in the cave system we found. Our beacon is much smaller in size than the beacons we have came accross in our few hours of exploration so we are curious how we can make ours bigger like the people before us have done.

So in the main game, there are two types of beacons. One is like the style you described, with 12 beacon chunks. The other is the old version where devs had to place them.

In the C++ game (which is going to become the main build in about a week or so) the system is the new one, but with 24 beacon chunks instead of 12 (Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, I haven’t placed any beacons in the C++ beta).

I would advise you try out the C++ beta branch (Testing [cplusplus] 1: Initial C++ build of Boundless)

Okay but if I try out this c++ version will i still be able to play in the same world i started the build on that im now trying to protect? More importantly will i be able to play with my girlfriend if she doesn’t immediately update to c++?

No, however those worlds are going to be wiped within the next few weeks (as far as I’m aware), so continuing to play on them is pointless.

No, she’ll need to go to the beta branch too as there is new worlds