Bean, beans, good for your heart


I know this may sound silly, but it is a serious suggestion - players should be able to fart.

Before you work your eyes out with the rolling, think of this if you will, there’s an emote of, ‘Insult’, where the player pats their butt with a sense of mockery. Why isn’t there farts?

What if it were a quirk on a weapon where it causes the player’s character to randomly fart which would, perhaps, create a status debuff on wildstock/aliens, which, in turn, will make them aggressive towards you. Of course, only if/when, the said creatures have been affected - as if you tried to initiate the aggression by hitting/shooting/bombing them.

Not saying this should be priority, but it’d be pretty neat to know if there is a staff meeting on the idea of passing gas.



I disagree. This should be priority. Stat

I always found it hilarious in ARK when your player would randomly defecate. It made convos in game hilarious the first few months, imo


omg this made me lol so much! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thanks for this suggestion :laughing: I guess I always assumed we just slowly regenerate skin that falls off our bodies as our way of waist product management.

A “kiss” emote would be a nice one too. although maybe less so after reading over my presumptions of our skin being made of… well never mind :rofl:


Oh gawd…I can’t read this thread anymore…bye now lol



Lol, Yeah, not the more glamorous of “lore ideas” i’ve had… :rofl:


ahhahhaaaaa! Oh yeah, Ark was hilarious, completely forgot about that random pooting thing :rofl:




People: We want Umbris!
People: We want farming!
Also people: We want more updates.

Then there’s 0wl: We want farts.

:joy: Please no we’re good i guess xD


The defecating sounds (that can’t be turned off) are the reason I couldn’t play ark :smiley: It might be just slightly annoying if you’re alone, but when others in the room have to listen to it it got old, fast.


:joy: that’s hilarious and sad at the same time. It really should have been a toggle to deal with at the beginning of the game. You’re not the only one I’ve heard say that before.