Bean gatherer wanted


If there is anyone willing to gather all types of beans for me, I would be happy to set up a weekly contract type arrangement.

PM me if you are interested, and how much you would be charging.

I be looking to possibly want 1000+ per week.


And if they really like to gather them, I can use even more of them!

Fidach and I are both in New Leyden so that’s easy enough :slight_smile:


We’re buying bitter Beans for 100c each at the moment at The Golden Fist. Huge shortage, the only good spots I know of are always cleared out. I think the best way to achieve this op is with an easily accessible request basket and a big sign


Had a 1 or 2 offers so far, but asking more than my current sell prices!

Anyone else with more reasonable asking prices?


I am trying to get back into the game so I’ll gather for you. We can discuss pay later


Im still super new to the game, live over in Lizzys Seidlung (english speaker though), im not sure where to gather these beans but if you need someone I can help out, looking for a steady cash flow or maybe compensation in tools?


Just wanted to update you, I don’t have resistances to collect bitter beans yet, but I can do the others. Also, do you guys know any good ways to level up? I’ve been stuck at this level for… months. Granted I haven’t been playing but that’s part of the reason for me leaving the game lol


Can sell you pies instead of that helps?


Mining, harvesting, hunting, and crafting will all level you fairly quickly, especially with a teaching pie


What price are you looking to buy them at? I can easily fill an order of 1000+ per week, I work from home and have ample time to harvest.


If it’s pies Fida needs he knows where to get them :wink:


I don’t know what your level is and planet you are on, but the best way it to look at what objectives you can do and while doing them do some gathering. Mining is a good way, you can level up and sell the copper as bars, or compact it. You will get experience from that. Didn’t realize it, but I got experience just climbing the large hills (many call them mountains) as I travel. Collect the plants and leaves, the fibrous at times are wanted so you have to check shops and markets but can make some coins. Grass seeds can also sell for those of us who do the cooking/baking and don’t have the time to collect grass seeds for making oats, flour and rice.
if you can handle the level 3 planets, you can hunt the higher level of critters, the stout ones give milk glands and the get a good price. If you can handle level 4 planets, go and climb on top of the trees and chop the leaves for the green berries. They are wanted for recipes in cooking. Go into mines and look for the bounders, lower levels give saltpeter and sometimes the green ones (can’t remember the name), higher give cobalt gets a good price.
Of course, it depends on what you see as a good price. Go to New Leyden Market, you can find the portal in the Ultima Hub second level they have request baskets and you can see what is wanted and you can collect.


I can get 100-150 in just a few mins, you buying?


Request baskets at New Leyden are always buying!


i sold a little there earlier


Awesome! You’re more than welcome to do that everyday!

Tho, if you come see me (Aenea) or Fidach in game, we both want a lot of beans and direct trading saves us taxes so we can pay you a little bit more (I usually use an amount about in the middle of taxes/no taxes to benefit us both) and save us a bit of coin too!


Deal, The toon ill be on is Hamma, ill save up a few hundred and come see yall


May I ask, how and where do you get hundreds in a few mins, please?


Bitter beans, spicy beans… Bitter beans right. How many per week and what rate? (Might need to change as footfall $$$ change the economy a bit)


I can get 80-100 in about 45 mins in 2 places, but if i said where, I wouldnt be able to anymore lol