Beast Forms

So since it seems that most races will be beast types i played around with the idea of a beast form.

A beastform would allow the different races to draw their full natural powers and grant them the strength of their ancestors, felines would be faster, goats would be stronger and monkeys would be more agile.

basically a thing that lasts for 1 min and have 1 hour cooldown as a last resort in case you get into a fight you really cant win.

I loved the werewolf skill in skyrim :smiley: Something like that would be cool for Oort but would take a long time to model(I guess :slight_smile: )

yeah there could also be talk about a shapeshifting fighting style.

Transforming is always fun, but aren’t all our characters very beastly to start with? I’m not against a magical ascension transformation, but if your a dog you can’t become more dogish unless you go super saiyan and grow a longer tail.

I dislike the idea of transforming as a racial skill, at least if it is handled liked discribed. It could be handled by a crafted tool and powered with energy, but only as a cosmetical effect (like to become a goat to sneak through the fields without being recognized by others (creatures and players alike). I also dislike every kind of cooldown that is more then five minutes (even for rezes), so why not bind it to a equipment slot so that you have the choice to use this skill or get another one from that place (for example you could craft a transforming cape weared at the back, but also may wear a backpack with more inventory space or a rocket pack on that slot).

Transforming as a combat option is not something I want to see in Oort.

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wouldnt that be a little redundant like if your charater starts out as a beast type say a wolf ins is given a skill that allows you could change into a werewolf but you were kind of one to start with sooooo what really the point.

and it would be weird to have a turtel or a horse type charater changing into a werewolf just saying

i like the idea of being able to transform thou id make it a skill that everyone can earn but have it based on like light and dark or holy or chaos you know maybe some cool armor kind of thing or becoming savage like with purple lighting coming from you something like that less beasts turning into beasts

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If you mean beast like turning into a feral form of the race I’d be down with that, otherwise I’m not entirely sure how it’d work. :sweat_smile:

yeah basically.

like a werewolf, only it could be a goat… and it doesn’t require a full moon.

seems kind of weird to have a goat turn into a werewolf

well if it’s a goat then it would be a wereGOAT, but yeah.

There could be a special Druid race, ( talking about World of Warcraft )
but the transforming will have to come with a cost of some sort.


Yep, as the most people don’t want to have fixed classes in Oort there could be a race which can transform as a special skill (like the Norn I’m Guild Wars, which could assume the wereforms of the animals their tribes honor)

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