Beautiful cities and settlements of Boundless


Here is Quebec, I think, the way we see it from Alder.


Bump against tos


Those gravestones make me laugh. If I had one though I think I’d need a much bigger graveyard haha.


Yeah these are great. Awesome graveyard too! We have one planned because BruceBanner is never not dead. Its cool seeing implimented already!!! Love the tomb of the unknown alt :joy:.


Man, so many great builds, a few of these are places that have WOW’ed me in the past. Thanks for posting these pics.


Thanks Corveritas and MrNiX! :slight_smile:

@Lesioui - Your deeds have been immortalized. :wink:


Thanks a lot! :slight_smile: Unfortunately I had to demolish the castle on the top of the mountain, because I noticed several mistakes! but there is a new one coming! : D