Beautiful cities and settlements of Boundless


If you founded a beautiful city, live in a very friendly settlement or just want to share a cool place this thread is a great opportunity to share some info. There are many cool places out there others don’t know about.

Please share

  • some basic info: name of the city, city mayor if exists
  • x/y coordinates and planet
  • some screenshots

I will contact people who participated in this thread later on. This data will be used for some cool project :slight_smile:


I will post tomorrow! Great idea!


Great idea. I will edit this post when i have all needed info.

Theres not actually many beautiful cities in boundless :slight_smile:


I dont usually like nominating myself for things like this, but the rest of the guild has done some amazing builds and i do think our city is asthetically pleasing. We aimed to keep a lot of the natural landscape and wide open spaces.


as soon as i can i do a big post on all aqua stuff and tag it here for ya


Kindred Bay is one of my favorite cities in Boundless. I could be slightly biased since I live there :thinking:.

We’re the capital of Sorissi (-1344N, -416E Alt 69)
Our mayor is H.S.E. Guild but its a joint effort between @Gondor, Docker, Dupix, Dutch, myself as the director/execs.

We’re a free build city so anyone can build what they want. As you’ll see by the varied styles throughout the city.

Screenshots below (excuse the quality, im on PS4 lol. They look better on my tv)


I would love to have a few more neighbors in the underground on mcrib. It’s a bit more work to have to dig out the plots first, but it’s nice to hang out on a t6 without creature noises chirping away.


Honestly, one of the first things I saw was the Titan’s Sword. @georgegroeg has a pretty cool setup of a number of builds. I’m at work and don’t have the coordinates or screenshots, but I think it’s worth mentioning at the very least. Seeing that big beautiful sword showed me how much potential in building this game had.


I’m away now so can’t give other details, but my favorite places would include New Nixia, Sasquachville, Quebec, Kindred Bay, Legendville, and Ultima. Lots of beautiful builds and great folks out there. :slight_smile:


i wont say Sasquatchville

because its my town and I invested lot of time there. But its worth it to come to Alder and see the little settlements for or from newer players. To name a few : Adult
, Awesomevilletown(clean western look)

, Egales,
@bucfanpaka (thanks for mentionning my town)Elysian field .

I died from falling from that tower right after taking the selfie. Do I earn a spot in the cemetary? :wink:
(All connected to the Sasquatchville hub)

Ive never seen a town or settlement that I didnt like, every place has its little something that makes it unique.

Edit: added selfies


There are so many crazy pretty builds I wanna rep here, and I’m thrilled that this game promotes people continuously building as well. In no particular order are my standouts (aside from Alder home planet bias):

  • Sasquachville (thanks for the shoutout @Lesioui )
  • Scrubbase
  • Kasai & Kori
  • Mullibimby
  • Sydney
  • Reaper’s Respite

As for our own base, I’ve done up an imgur album of our current stuff. Currently building a more accessible guild hall – thanks @Smellow :smiley:


Axon on the planet Biitula. Krasniy is the mayor (me). You can reach us via axon city gate via Portal seekers Biitula, Planet Express, Hubbit network, Regen Consortium, The Hive, etc… .




Ancient Gate on Biitula

  • PS Biitula Hub City Gate & Ultima Aquarius Biitula Gate

We are always happy about new residents :wink:



I do not have a favorite place in particular. What I like to watch is the beautiful buildings and also the original ones.

I could add a lot but here are the ones I have right now

New Nixia

Raxxa Empire

Kindred Bay



and I really like to go swimming in this pool … but also to watch how @bucfanpaka dies :joy::joy:

Elysian Fields


Thanks!! :slight_smile: I’ll be adding more I think as future untimely and interesting deaths occur. :wink:


Added screenshots as promised to my original post. Keep the screenshots coming of your cities too :heart_eyes:


Haha, I think I will add a grave for you when I return! :rofl:


Hi guys , many of you have visited Chateau Excelsior/Bastion on Maryx . It’s always changing sometimes for the better lol , I didn’t want to wall up the place so I’m doing a California shutter/sort of, location is -1125N,1549E


Have to give a shout out to one of my favorite little towns, Mountain View in River Towns on Arie.

The tiered build of the village on the mountain is layed out perfect.