Becoming a tier 4 and up hunter

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Hi all,

So me and my friend are wanting to expand into the tier 5 and up planets, but we are struggling to survive when it comes to fighting mobs on these worlds.

We can handle ourselves on T3 and can take on 2 or 3 mobs on Tier 4, but anything more than that and it seems like insta-kills.

How should we be approaching combat on the higher tier worlds?


Invest skillpoints in the kinetic and impulse armour and resistance skill. Coupled with slingbow damage skill, slingbow epic, damage epic and such. Als get a stack of shielding loaf’s or pies for extra shielding and a stack of gem slingbows with damage augments and you are good to go. Oh and healing brews offcourse.

Best is to skill up a dedicated hunter alt for this. If you have a char with a mixed skillset to do mining, crafting and hunting relatively well, you won’t survive the higher tier planets.


Probably best to either make a character focused on hunting skills or add some points into control and shadow effect to not get aggro from enemies if you don’t want to fight them but explore and such.

You will also need to upgrade to gold fists, if you can get them forged the better, or better versions of the sling bow such as titanium or even gem bows that are forged however gem forged bows may be out of your range right now if you are just trying out tier 5.

This is my hunter build so feel free to see what is useful for you:

Also some kind of healing such as cheap improved healing brews or healing bombs for yourself or when you run with friends since it has an aoe healing.


Thanks for the responses guys, much appreciated.

I have a dedicated hunter, just seem to use a lot of skills just being able to resist the world itself i.e. corrosive skill etc.

I’ll see what i can do.


Fast brew, healing brews and shielding loaf/pies are your friends.

Also get forged gem stuff.

You and your friends sounds like a funbunch, i could give you guys a tier 5 starter kit tomorrow around 10GMT. :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for the advice, much appreciated.

Sadly I am not free at 10am, work sadly lol.

Maybe another time? I’ll be on in the evening GMT.

Lol meant 22:00 gmt :stuck_out_tongue:

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In that case yes I’ll probably be on :smiley:

A commonly overlooked defense skill is the “Protection Epic”. It multiplies your armors by 3, and resistances by 2. Not sure if this is applied before or after Shielding food.

If you want to truly be almost un-killable, look into the Rage skill, and the accompanying brew. You should be able to solo Lvl6 planet meteors.

Lastly, Don’t forget about slingbow Augments. A little extra damage is always good.

A fully protected and raged out build is almost max skill points, but is a really awesome tank!

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I seem to handle myself pretty well with resisting loafs, greater healing brews, and 5 points to each resistance and armor. I took damage epic, and have point in vitality, health epic, power, agility, dexterity, luck, and all attributes.

Prioritizing decent damage and armor with loafs for assistance. Seems to work for me, sometimes I can solo meteors on t6, with the help of a grapple and water, sometimes without water. Depends what spawns really.

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Wouldn’t you need to sacrifice damage epic to grab protection epic though? I guess if you’re trying to tank it would be ideal, but if you are a hunter you’d probably want the extra damage output.

Honestly I just do 8 points into health and I am good to go for any planets. Normally I avoid mods when possible but if I have to fight one then you got to play smart so having agility helps avoid damage. Spitters and wildstocks are easy enough to kill by using terrain for you advantage, cuttletrunks are hard hitters but very low on health so if you can take them out before they agro or have a chance to attack even better. Using line of signt is always best though.
If you’re hunting meteors etc. then you might want to invest in more tanky stuff.

You do have to sacrifice the damage epic. Honestly, I don’t miss it on my hunter. Damage becomes a non-issue when you can’t die. It’s the difference between taking 4 shots, and 6 to kill something. But ultimately, if you cant get those 4 shots off before dying… then the 6 shots doesn’t sound so bad =P

That’s interesting advice. I have a level 50 Hunter and I used all my skill points to benefit him as a Hunter, but I’ve never put any points in any of the resistances.

Slingbow Augments - Nobody ever mentions them but lvl 3 Aug adds 400dmg for 125 shots

As a solo hunter recently started Hunting on Serp, the Aug was a huge improvement.

edit : My Hunter is lvl35 so not yet maxed in skill points. I tend to die to fall damage more than the mobs themselves on that damn planet

On the topic of augments, they add much more than their stated value… its +400 base dmg, which gets waay higher when you account for skills. Also counts to crits, +400 on my forged gold bow adds about 2.5k damage each shot and I’m not near lvl50 yet

That’s good to know.

I did think the sling did a good job with just 400 dmg bonus. Now I know why :slight_smile:

Yup!! My gold does 80% chance, 175% crit… so i just grab a crit loaf out my store and spam nice 1100xtra base damage hehe. Cheaper than augments!

I have only 1 char. Im rambo

Max ur vitality and get the damages 5point u be fine