Been away from the game

Where’s the most populated areas, best shopping mall etc? I have to figure out all of the new game mechanics, but then I wanted to go see what’s new.


I don’t have answers for you, but wanted to say welcome back!

Most populated area? Umm maybe biitula.
Best shopping mall? I put my vote for the Gyosha Mall. But there are other great spots too like Nova Golda on Trung and Illuminaughty mall(don’t remember planet)


Illuminaughty is on trior.

Check out Legendville mall on Tana :blush:


Highly recommended :smiley:

Legendville mall is a nice place, but its dangerous too.

I’ve fallen too many times cause of holes and with the ground being mostly see-through in lots of places its hard to tell what is or is not safe, that is my only complaint for the great mall it is.

The holes are in Legendville City - which I agree needs safing. If you stay in the mall though it should all be safe :blush:

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i get the two places confused.

But there are some of the shop places that have no flooring in areas where you need to get from one side to the other. Like by the big fantasy tree.

iLLumiNaughty is pretty busy nothin population and visitors who come for shopping. :blush: We are located on Trior. Our city is the TNT and Ultima planetary gateways.

We are also home to the Naughty Wall Art! :blush:


what planet u start on? go to populated areas.

Be sure to check out the TNT megahub on Circarpous we are a one room planet network.
Convenient for quick travel and great links to malls and shops and nice builds.
Also T5 and t6 access.
Lastly super easy for price checking the universe as the hub is very small.