Beginners looking to join a portal hub to connect to the universe :)

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Hi all!

We are 3 beginners who have our tiny Hamlet guild base on Lamblis.
We don’t have much stuff going on around us, so we want to connect to a portal hub via a constant portal (we can only handle the cheapest one for 0-2 blinksecs distance at this time). We would also love to use some market space in a city to sell our goods (we make a lot of soup xD).

Around ~800m from us there is ODF Lava Bridge portal, which seems to be connected to a good network. We could put our portal somewhere around that place. However, we’re not sure who can we contact about building in the city and / or which planet to put our market on for the best sales.

Help is much appreciated!


Welcome to the game! I’m sure someone here can help you out with a portal to one of the hubs (TNT, Guardian, PS, etc). I’ll be setting out an area in the coming weeks for people to set up shops or homes at Castle Brown at some point soon :blush: I’ll post on the forum when it’s ready if you’re interested.

Also, I have portals here to the main hubs and malls if you’d like a portal. Castle Brown is in Ceph which is super close to you


Terra nova is on Lamblis, @Tmmk may be able to help


About where are you :wink:

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I am Mainly TNT And DK host but have connections to Portal Seekers, Ultima, Tigss, Fortunist and Guardian. Have still about 30 to 40 1X2 portals available.

[edit] you can claim terrain on the main roads if you like still a lot of space to build your shop(s). Its about 200m away from the hub so not that far.


Check out ShowRoom EU made by @msnraul it’s already on lamblis so your oortcost would be super cheap and there’s portals to the ShowRoom USE where you have access to TNT, DKMall, Gyosha Mall etc.

That’s my best suggestion because I think ShowRoom needs to see more use :wink:


I knew i forgot one even have show room (towns plot)

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ShowRoom sounds like a great idea.

Where is it located, at least approximately? :smiley:
We are not too far from Slip Stream with a very big Eiffel Tower xD

ShowRoom is a mall connected to the main portal network (waay too complicated to make a map

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If you take lava bridge to slipstream to death star portal. From there you go to Portal seekers. On the floor lvl you shoud see Terra Nova (city portal). (You’re still on Lamblis) once you are in terra nova the portal to the show room is on your left (ground floor) side.

(Fastest route i know from the lava bridge)

You will have to talk to @msnraul about your plot to take one :wink:

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Sorry i lied a little further east from the lava bridge if i am correct is fortunist’s hub. There is a portal that goes to terra nova to but you will have to ho from ther straight across to the West middle wall for the portals to Show room.

Alternatively if you’re on in like, 5-6 hours I’ll be getting on around then and can show you where it is (if you have trouble finding it)


Thanks @Gerentt! I’m going to sleep now, but we can do it tmr if it’s okay by you :smile:


Sounds good to me :+1:

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Happy to start you guys off with a small portal to DKTree Eresho, first couple weeks on me.

You can also get to DKTree and DKMall from all the other offers on here hehe


Hi @aspsnake pm me when you log in and I’ll give you a plot in showroom

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So, I’ve managed to make it to Portal Seekers and Terra Nova, but still have no clue where’s ShowRoom xP

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I can meet up with you in a few minutes to show you!

If you’re at Portal Seekers Lamblis you’ll go through the Biitula portal. And if you go immediately to the right from there you’ll find ShowRoom right between swedish plumbers society, and Brandywine.

Cool! Be there in a few mins