Behemoths, Leviathans, and Gargantuans

Recently, Boundless released a “Draconic” Body rig for possible future mounts and steads. This rig has six limbs, four legs, and two wings. This however got me thinking, because having six limbs is bizarre for any animal besides insects. So, I had the idea “What if you made a creature with six legs?”. That question in its self is not very interesting, but what ideas it spawns are very, very complex. I have officially come up with three creatures, each one massive and earth shaking.


Behemoths are giant, six legged creatures that roam the lands in numerous colors and behaviors. Most Behemoths are passive, moving slowly across the land, toppling trees and hills. Their size, although not quite as big as the devastating Titans, are still far bigger then players. These towering beasts, once tamed, can have special saddles put on them, allowing players to actually build on top of the beasts. Whether it is a moving house, a Traveling Circus, or a monstrous War Beast, Behemoths could be utilized for innumerable things.


These legendary monsters of the deep, called Leviathans, are six finned creatures that spend most of there lives in open water. These creatures are very rare, as they need a decent expanse of water to roam in. As with Behemoths, Leviathans can be tamed and be built on with special saddles. However,as with the way gravity works, any sharp turning or flipping with jostle everyone inside the structure. These beasts could be used as isolated homes in flooded worlds, or stealthy deployment ships.


As is the trend with these creatures, Gargantuans would be six winged, and and would virtually never land in there entire lives. These flying fortresses could resemble birds or maybe some stingrays. These creatures fly through the sky, endlessly gliding on their huge wings. However, catching and taming these beast can obviously be tricky, but then you can build on its back and even on its chest/stomach, and fly around the world.

This is my idea of what to do with the new "Draconic rigs, besides the basic dragon forms. I hope that my ideas have given you ideas of your own, and that you share them in the comments below. Thank you.


I don´t know if we need creatures you can build on since airships are pretty much confirmed by now and I think that one mechanic for moving structures is enough. However I quite like the setting of your creatures and now I´m really curious how big the biggest creatures are going to be since we now know that titans wont be giant bipedal creatures like it is shown in the early artworks.


what does “pretty much confirmed” means? a dev told you or something?

It’s confirmed

There are several other posts in the forum where airships are mentioned by devs.
It seems like you´ll have to kill a titan to gain the necessary mats for one.


i think building things on a monster is a nice idea…but is it too much powerful? a flying monster with building opurtunities certainly is but behemoths, not so sure if they are too powerful, they had to be slow like you said. you had to use beacons and limit the construction you make too. And for example the monster is 20 blocks wide, 10 in heigh, and you make a 50 block wide house. when you ride that behemoth and he falls a few blocks what woud happen to the house? there are too much ifs i think which are not worth taking a risk for. i’m fine with floating islands- as for the sea creature, as long as you cannot build something in it, they’re cool. but that just gave me an idea

very nice. what are the races though? like a lucky tribe that got to use an ancient advanced technology from the Oort?

I really like the ideas,I think you should pick one,and build on it. We wouldn’t want three creatures,that are virtually the same. Just in different elements,making the game really repetitive,so taking one you really like,and adding some stuff,taking stuff away. I think the devs might just look into it.
Great job.:wink:

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If you want to continue the biblical theme the flying creature should be called Ziz ^.^

I don’t really know what I feel about the idea I will get back to this at some point.

Is that what their called? I knew Leviathan and Behemoth, But is it really Ziz? it goes from such big monstrous names to just… Ziz…

Yeah I was kinda underwhelmed too, but the other 2 is names from jewish mythology so I thought taking that into consideration would be important.

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The Behemoth for sure,that could totally be a thing.
I could imagine me and my small group of elite Sage fighters from my guild,about to go conquer demonic cave something like that.