Being able to draw your own "pixel paintings" in Oort!

Know how all the paintings in minecraft look really pixelated and stuff? well… what if you could paint those paintings by yourself, with some sort of a “pixel painting” system that allows you to draw those pixels?

This will give Oortians a whole new artistic activity to do as well as a possibility to create decorated signs and stuff!
Custom pixel paintings will open up so many possiblities!

Now, i know what some of you are thinking - some people might abuse it and draw a ■■■■■… well, but they can also build such a ■■■■■ already right? i think that with the right amount of moderation this won’t be much of a problem!


get on my level Son!!

but to be more serious. its a great idea. and would be kinda cool :smile:

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I problem to this would be that saving the huge amount of paintings that will come up is going to be a pain, and is going to take quite a lot of server space.

Nah. Server space isn’t really an issue.

The main question is: how many people would want / use this balanced against the cost of development (and the opportunity cost of developing another feature.)

I think it’s interesting because it allows for another level of customisation. But at the same time it feels like a polish feature. Something to do after 1.0.


Awesome :slight_smile:
It is mostly what developers say when i ask them for that kind of stuf.

While I think it would be really cool I do agree that it should be a polish feature, something to do later on.

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Ever heard of Identity?
If not its this one:

They have already or will Implement to be abel ob making own Pictures that you use as Decotation or sell it, I guess it would be nice if you have the same in Oort Online. And I dont know if it HAS to be Pixels, I mean Oort online isnt such am big Pixel world like Minecraft where it does fit perfectly. You have HD Textures in Oort Online, so why only pixel paintings?

because how many would be able to paint proper paintings? and how needed is the abilty to do so, which was pointed out.

If theres something like that I think it should be normal Paintings instead of Pixel, or 2 diffrent Painting Types where one is pixel the otehr normal so People can make both and some people can make whole new Artworks to decorate Buildings they’ve made.

I just wouldn’t like to see only Pixel Paintings everywhere you know? ^^

Pixel paintings will fit the game alot better than “real paintings” imo

Same. in case they have to pick 1. pixels are easier to work with.

What if the pictures were all of in-game screen scrapes? That way they are not adding significant resources to the game. Even better, people can create a scene, convert to a picture for prosperity and then make something else.

Maybe they could even sell them on the in-game market.

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That sounds nice too ^^
But if they add that you could also add the possibillity to make movies :stuck_out_tongue:
Cut them, convert them to an Item and sell the movies :smiley:
New possibillty discoverd! xD

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you guys do know how overkill those ideas are right? xD

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