Being able to spray paint Glass panes and gleam

I see a red door and i want it painted black. No colors anymore, i want them turn to black.


Well I mean, if you sprayed paint on a window in real life, it would kind of ruin the point of it being a window in the first place…


Yet in boundless we have critters who can spit out explosives and smart stacks of 900 cubic meters of stone in a single inventory slot, weighing in at 1,441,800 Kilograms … with 32 inventory slots for a load of 46,137,600 kilograms in one’s pocket, that doesn’t over-encumber the player to the point of not being able to move. … Your argument is moot.

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I have to note that my diaper doesn’t have pockets. You really don’t wanna know where I stash my inventory… :smirk:


For the record, gleam and glass not being tintable isn’t a bug. :sweat_smile: Maybe it could be re-titled as “suggestion”

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Source of this information?

You also can’t spray foliage, gleam, metal, etc. It’s just one of those things. :woman_shrugging: Def not a bug.

Spraying glass would be like having an added layer to/within the mesh.

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Well I already provided a link to the glass one. But it’s been stated numerous times that gleam is and will not be tintable by the devs in various posts. Gleam is supposed to be the special/rare item. If you can tint it then it’s no longer special or rare.

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That link states its “tintable” but doesn’t CLARIFY if it should or should NOT be sprayable.


We don’t know the weight, Can you prove to me what an item would weigh in boundless? Have you invented the tools in boundless to do so? Or preformed experiments to do so?

The laws of Physics in the Universe or Plane that boundless resides in could very well be different then the laws of Physics that we are used to, even if there may be some similarities.

Power coils violate some laws of Thermodynamics, so therefore I will claim that the Physics of Boundless are indeed different then that of the universe that the milky way resides in, different enough to allow state changes to happen that would otherwise seem inconsistent, different enough that maybe glass and select other materials might have a bad reaction to being painted.

Therefore your Assessment is moot.


It creates a wormhole to the next universe where you begin with a clean slate!

Oh wait, this is not No Man’s Sky! :smiley:

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Very easily. Would be great if you can just spray everything there is.

Metal, metal is the only oversight… it only has 4 colors \ o_o /


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I do hope crafted tho! Since the whole spray can thing, ehhh, well, yeah.
Perhaps both even?

Let me finish that for you :3
… is way too easy and we would not want to be able to produce a ss of painted metal in under a week~

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Everyone’s argument is moot, boundless is not a real universe. The developers have deemed that blocks are weightless and painting glass and metal is impossible, and it will remain so until they decide otherwise. Real world physics and measurements need not be applied.

Of course, that does not prevent anyone from asking for a change… it’s just silly to argue your point based on unrelated dynamics.


This feels to be quite Anti-Lore.

Many people would also find it silly that we are wasting time playing video games instead of being „productive“ or otherwise being a cog in the greater machine by working 60 to 80 hours a week.

I personally don’t find it silly to try to argue a point based off of dynamics or any other unapproved, unsponsored, unofficial, player invented lore and/or concepts, rather if it is based on something scientific, magical or a mix of the both, matters not.

Now of course I do not expect such arguments to carry any weight when placed next to arguments not based on fiction, but rather or not it is silly, is subjective, You see it as silly, I see it as fun and maybe even slightly thought provoking.

For the people who can do such things, perhaps. I can’t hold a job myself, due to several disabilities.
For me, it’s an escape, not wasted.

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It is a point/example that is designed to show that calling something „silly“ or even a „waste“ is very subjective in most cases, It was not meant to state how I feel about it.