Being part of something big

Hey guys

I just have a sentimental moment right now, realising how many people are with us here in the Oort community. It’s fantastic to see that there are many really different charcters all having one in common: The love for this project and the trust into the devs, who are putting much effort in realising our dream of a new voxel game, which will feel like something we ever wished for. I think I’m not alone with the deep feeling that Oort will be something unbelievable great, filled with many different opportunities for cooperation and letting us experience many moments which will never be forgotten. Oort feels like something big - big cuz of it’s community and the atmosphere which surrounds it and big because of what it will become … and I’m happy to be allowed to be a part of this. Thank you, the whole community and the devs, for this great experience!

Let’s keep on working on this - never loosing our momentum - so that Oort can become what it deserves to be and we all want to get our fingers on! Let’s show the world what’s possible and what we all are capable of! Let our dreams come true!

You all are doing great! :smiley: :sunny: :lester:


:blush: I totally agree and feel very blessed and honored to be a part of the making of this great game! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks for the happy feels, glad to know our work is appreciated!

Lots of exciting things still to come this year, and plenty we haven’t talked about…


I’m just here for the buffet. What time does it start? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Keep up the good work, Ben! The main thing that makes Early Access games flop is that the devs get lazy and stop actually doing anything. As far as I know, you’re not like that. I know that you’ll see it through to the end, and hopefully beyond.

So nevertheless, good luck, and I’m very excited for the future :smile:


lies on sofa puffing a bubble pipe eating cheetos in pyjamas


Most days I work in my pajamas. (Except today. I’m not going in to the office, but I have to collect the food delivery, which means going outside in daylight. :eyes: )

Ben: uhh… brainstorming?
Boss:… keep up the good work, then.
Ben: ok… zzzzz


Good question. Who IS the boss? xD

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I am the boss. Or more specifically the leader of the illuminoorti.


Illuminoorti…i love it LOL

Me too… think I’ll make that the name of my guild :smile:

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