Ben is actually Illuminati

Ok… so… we all know @ben is a pretty cool guy. And his pinata is pretty chill too.

But do we really know Ben? What secrets does he hide in his pinata? What is this obscene gesture you see him doing with his hand?

One word my friends… Illuminati…

Upon taking a closer look I was easily able to determine the intention of his hand gesture.

As you can see here it completes a triangle with the pinata leading me to believe the pinata is Illuminati as well…

Oh but it goes deeper than that my dear friends… after watching hours of Illuminati videos, using top of the line equipment, and hiring the best researchers In the field… I was able to uncover more of these “triangles”…

Still not convinced? Very well… the other night I was eating some chocolate pudding and I happened to spill some on my mouse… and what I uncovered was this…

If you zoom in on Ben’s forehead…

…select the eraser tool…

…and erase in the middle of his forehead.

You find none other than a low resolution image of the Eye of Providence…

…So as you can see Ben is actually Illuminati because Illuminati love chocolate pudding and Jews don’t which is why Illuminati hate Jews…

…I rest my case…


I bet he stores government secrets in his pinata. You betrayed us @ben D:

No comment.


But that was a comment! You are trying to confuse us

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Omg, haaha xD

While searching for more evidence I found out the shocking truth about his pinata.

Do you see the eye? let’s erase the rest.

OMG his pinata is actually obama!


But look… I’f you use the fill button on obama’s lip…

You see Obama is actual Hitler!

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That can only mean one thing… Hitler came back to live and now wants to destroy america from the inside!

@ben what’s going on here?

I bet Ben is the one that brought Hitler back to life!

What if they are married and plan to get babies and build an army to dominate atlantis?

Nazi baby zombies… May God have mercy on us all…

We must warn the people! Ben and Hitler might start WW3 we can’t let this happen!

Maybe it’s alread begun? We just don’t know it? Maybe it’s already to

You are right! The end is near!

Oh my gosh. HAHAHA! This thread made my day. :joy: :star:

I feel bad now ._.

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I feel like this thread is going to be used against my favour in a job interview one day…


“People think I’m part of the illuminati, brought hitler back to live and had zombie babies with him”
I would hire you. Don’t see your problem

You guys we’re playing with Photoshop… AND YOU DIDN’T INVITE ME!?

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