Bendy lava

So I decided to build a underground tunnel to a island in the middle of a lava field. Since I wanted the island in the center of the lava to be the base I wanted to build. So in order to build said tunnel I had to put up walls, dig and make the tunnel. So after spending several hours building this tunnel, and dying a few times in the process. I tore down the walls keeping the lava out as I was building. Well the lava did flow in, but it’s all “bendy” now.

Needless to say, this annoys me to no end. I wanted nice flat lava on top of the tunnel. =(

That’s because you removed the lava source blocks and lava does not create new source blocks on it’s own like water.
Ask a dev if he can give you lava to place.
You might also need a contraption of blocks because you have to place every single lava block you removed. At least at the surface^^

Well darn. I messed around with it for a hour to see if I could “fix” it. No such luck. The earliest I would expect a dev to do anything (if they will do anything) would be monday at this point. Oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I wonder they will fix the lava to work like water.

Let me know your world + coords and I’ll give you some lava.

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Wow! On Christmas day even!

I’m on oppoh. -588.21, 65.61, -146.87

Ok - I’ll be there soon.

It’s a Christmas miracle!


Are you still online?

Update: Sorry gtg. Maybe tomorrow.